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The Xbox App startup background has been changed to Starry Sky for “Starfield” by Bethesda!

Starfield game is releasing on 6 September and its marketing has begun for Xbox!

Tom Warren, senior editor of foreign media The Verge, revealed that as the release date of the Bethesda company masterpiece “Starfield” approaches, the Xbox APP on Windows has changed the background of the startup loading page to “Starry Sky,” as shown below.

“Starfield” is the first new universe planned by Bethesda in 25 years since its birth in 1986. It is produced by the team that developed “The Elder Scrolls 5” and “Radiation 4”. It has been confirmed that it will be released on September 6, 2023. PC (Steam), Xbox series X/ S, join XGP for the first time and purchase the advanced version to experience the game five days in advance.

The price of the standard version of this game in Steam country is 69.99 USD. The minimum graphics card requirement for the PC version is GTX 1070Ti, and the recommended one is RTX 2080. The host version locks at 30 frames.

It is worth mentioning that the tweeter Idle Sloth revealed that the specific unlocking time for the early access of “Starfield” is on September 1.


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