Which One is More Worth Buying, Mi 13 or OnePlus 11?


Which One is More Worth Buying, Mi 13 or OnePlus 11?

Mi 13 Vs OnePlus 11

Hello everyone, someone recently asked me which one is more worth buying, Xiaomi Mi 13 or OnePlus 11? Today we will briefly discuss these two phones and see their differences. Personal opinions are for reference only; if something is wrong, thank you for correcting it in the comment area.

In the picture above, OnePlus 11 is on the left, and Mi 13 is on the right. From the appearance, OnePlus 11 is a mobile phone with a curved screen, while Mi 13 is a mobile phone with a straight screen. The grip of a mobile phone with a curved screen is more comfortable. Of course, this is also related to personal usage habits. Direct-screen mobile phones do not occasionally have the problem of incomplete display of side information on curved-screen mobile phones.

In terms of hardware, both phones use the Snapdragon 8 gen2 processor. Although the big core of the OnePlus 11 is 3.2ghz, while the big heart of the Mi 13 is only 3.19ghz, there is almost no difference, and the performance is very good.

Regarding the camera, the pixels of the front and rear lenses of the Mi 13 are higher than those of the OnePlus 11. Mi 13 has the blessing of Leica photography technology, while OnePlus 11 has the support of Hasselblad, supports video anti-shake function, and the rear lens supports 20 times. With digital zoom, taking pictures will be more realistic.

In terms of battery, OnePlus 11 has a larger battery capacity, stronger battery life, and higher charging power, so the charging speed is also faster. However, Mi 13 supports wireless charging and wireless directional charging functions, which will be more convenient.

The performance of these two phones is good. The photos of the OnePlus 11 are more realistic, and those of the Mi 13 are clearer. If there is no need for wireless charging, the battery performance of the OnePlus 11 is better. If there is a need for wireless charging, choose Mi 13. That’s about it; what do you guys think? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area for discussion, and you can also follow me to share more digital talks in the future.

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