Earn with zero investment, Here’s Top 5 Non-Survey Methods

 Earn with zero investment, Here’s Top 5 Non-Survey Methods

If you don’t have any investment and want to earn with zero investment through non-survey sites, here is an article to help you.

In today’s era, where modern technology has covered a significant space of the world and an excellent reach to the earth’s population, earning online has become a lot easier for everyone. Even a person with a simple smartphone can start earning from it. During the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home and online earning have gained much popularity. Many youngsters and people are changing their course of earning to online earning nowadays.

With an incredible reach of technology, you can earn money online without any investment. There are different kinds of sites you can start earning, including survey sites. While many people do not like surveys to do to earn due to some reasons given below:

  1. Scams:
    Many sites do not pay their users to surveys completion and get scammed. A survey takes a lot of time and brain usage, which can cause a loss of these.
  2. Low Pay Scale:
    While most survey sites pay you a low amount of money ranging from 1 USD to 3 USD, which is low compared to other earning methods.
  3. Limited availability of Surveys:
    Each survey is different from the others; you need expertise or knowledge of it to fill out each survey. With various kinds of surveys, you cannot qualify for each and, ultimately, a low-income change.
  4. Time-consuming:
    A survey takes much time to answer a lot of technical or general questions; even before performing a survey you must do a lot of questionnaires to qualify for it.
  5. Risk to your privacy:
    For taking surveys, the websites ask many personal questions, name, addresses, qualifications, emails, and even some personal questions. These websites sell this info for marketing purposes which risks your privacy concerns.

So, if you do not like survey sites, we present you with some good alternatives to earn with zero investment. This blog presents the top 5 ways to earn with zero investment and zero surveys. So, let us get started.

List of top 5 non-survey sites to earn with zero investment


1.    Freelancing and Remote Platforms

There are many platforms where you can do freelancing and remote work such as Upwork, Fiverr, and freelancer; the most popular. Furthermore, there are jobs available for different skillset and expertise. Whether you are a writer, artist (voice-over, acting etc.), graphic designer, virtual assistant, or you have expertise in multiple languages, you can always earn a good living with these platforms. Any skill can start work through these sites. The best bit about these is that you can earn anytime, anywhere.

1.     A broad spectrum of people with a wide range of skillsets

2.     Flexible time and place of work (anywhere, anytime)

3.     Increase in experience and helps in building a good profile.

1.     Very competitive platforms and field makes it hard for beginners to start work.

2.     Long payment processing time and payment cuts from platforms as well.

3.     Low pay scales for specific jobs, especially at a beginner level.

2.    Affiliate marketing

If you are good at convincing people or have some popularity, even if you do not have it now, you can start an affiliate marketing business. In an affiliate business, you have to sell products or services by promoting them and can earn a good amount as a commission. Many companies offer these; the most popular one is Amazon Affiliate Network. After setting up an account, you will receive a unique link form where you can sell and earn.

For this, you will need a platform to reach out to people; it can be Instagram, Facebook, a website with good traffic or any other social platform. To start this, you will be needed to gain popularity and good authority to earn people’s trust.

1.     A comparatively easy way to earn goods is via promoting products and services.

2.     Zero investment is needed to start.

3.     You can earn a passive income for this.

4.     You can undoubtedly automate this earning.

1.     Very competitive, and it is challenging to start from zero.

2.     A platform is needed, like a website or social media account.

3.     Low pay scale for commission on various product types.

3.    Online teaching and tutoring courses or class

Many people are selling courses online nowadays to earn well. Moreover, many people are successful in it. If you are an expert in a skill and earning good in it, you can start a course and sell it online, on various platforms, or on your own website. The second one is teaching people online your expert subject matter. There are various platforms, such as Tutor.com or VIPKid, where you can signup and start a living. The best bit about this is that you can earn from anywhere, anytime.

1.     Earn good by teaching others.

2.     Flexibility in place and time to work.

3.     Share skills, expertise and knowledge with others in a helpful way.

1.     Specialized knowledge and expertise are required for the subject you want to teach.

2.     Possibility of low payouts from various platforms.

3.     Require a reasonable amount of time for preparing and delivering in each class.

4.    Testing websites and applications

If you have a computer and have a mind in software or hardware, you can start earning in testing websites and apps. You can start this even if you do not have the expertise. It is not precisely a survey kind of earning but an upgraded kind. Instead of answering questions, you will give feedback on the design, useability, and functionality of a website or app.

You will be helping to make the website less buggy, more optimized, more functional and user-friendly. There are various websites available:

  • User Testing
  • UTest
  • WhatUsersDo
  • User Test
  • Enrol
  • UserFeel etc.

5.    Creating content and publishing it

Creating content and publishing it online is a great way to earn a fortune if you become famous. However, to kickstart this, you would need unique content to attract people and entertain/educate them because of the high competition. There are types of content which can do like:

  • Blog writing and publishing on your site or others.
  • Graphic designing content and guides.
  • Courses creation and publishing.
  • Content creation and publishing on YouTube.
  • Photographers can publish their content on sites like Medium, Shutterstock or Etsy.
1.     Earn money via licensing or royalty fees.

2.     Flexibility in place and time for work.

3.     Build a profile and a good portfolio along with valuable experience.

1.     Very competitive field

2.     Low or no pay at the start.

3.     Requiring a reasonable amount of time and hard work to start and build high-quality content that attracts the audience.


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