The World’s First 26GB Ram Phone Is Here

The World’s First 26GB Ram Phone Is Here

Students who follow Qiguo Jam know that from the beginning of the year to the present, we have seen the terrifying involution ability of domestic mobile phones time and time again.


At the beginning of the year, realme GT Neo5 and Redmi Note 12 Turbo were released one after another, bringing the price of the 16GB+1TB mobile phone to around 2,500 yuan.


Not long after, the combination of 16GB+1TB was rewritten again.


On July 5th, the Red Magic 8S Pro series was officially released, and the world’s first 24GB Jumbo memory caused heated discussions in the industry.


In addition to the Red Devils 8S Pro series, the OnePlus Ace 2 Pro introduced by Guo classmates before, and the Realme GT5 series officially announced a few days ago will all use 24GB of memory.

(Photo source Weibo@红魔游戏手机)


I have to say that domestic manufacturers are too capable, and now even 8GB+256GB mobile phones have become make-up versions.


However, what Ranguo didn’t expect was that 24GB is far from the main goal, and 26GB memory mobile phones are coming again!


Recently, Transsion, known as the “King of Africa”, announced that the new Infinix GT 10 Pro will be officially launched on August 3.


It is reported that this new machine will be equipped with an unprecedented 26GB of memory.


Paras Guglani
(Source Twitter @Paras Guglani)


As a result, if the news is true, Infinix GT 10 Pro will become the world’s first mobile phone with 26GB of memory.


However, as Guo Guo introduced before, the iQOO Neo 7 SE and iQOO 11 series released last year, although they claim 24GB of memory, 8GB of which is virtual memory.


The newly released Red Magic 8S Pro is indeed a real physical memory.


As for how Infinix GT 10 Pro achieves 26GB of memory, whether it is supplemented by virtual memory or directly on physical memory, there are not many details yet.


In addition to the biggest bright spot of 26GB memory, the machine is also equipped with a long battery life and equipped with a large 7000mAh battery.


Not only that, Infinix GT 10 Pro also provides 160W, 260W, two versions of fast charging specifications.


I have to say that in addition to the memory, the configuration of the machine in terms of battery life is also very against the sky.


You must know that the highest domestic mobile phone currently on the market is 240W fast charging, and Transsion’s 260W fast charging also broke the record.


Such a large battery, coupled with such powerful fast charging, can be said to be invincible in terms of battery life.


In addition to memory and fast charging, another highlight of this machine is the appearance, which can be said to be very distinctive.


(Source gsmarena)


The back cover adopts a very cool translucent design, and also adds an LED light strip, which is fully recognizable.


As far as this shape is concerned, the design of Infinix GT 10 Pro is similar to that of the popular Nothing Phone series overseas.


In the context of the serious homogeneity of the appearance of mobile phones today, the appearance of Infinix GT 10 Pro is also very impressive.


However, the processor has become a shortcoming of Infinix GT 10 Pro.


It is reported that the processor of the machine is Dimensity 8050, which is the renamed version of Dimensity 1300, which can only be regarded as a low-end processor at present.


(Source MediaTek official website)


Interestingly, according to MediaTek official information, the processor supports a maximum memory of 16GB.


Therefore, from the perspective of the processor, the extra 10GB of memory is of little significance, and it may also drag the phone to a certain extent.


In short, the Infinix GT 10 Pro is equipped with 26GB of memory this time, which is very likely to be more of a gimmick than reality.


In terms of price, the official said that the price of the machine will be less than 20,000 rupees (about 1744 yuan).


The above is the latest news about Infinix GT 10 Pro.


What do you think of this phone? Welcome to leave a message to discuss.


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