The Samsung Galaxy S24 Has Surprises

 The Samsung Galaxy S24 Has Surprises

Samsung Galaxy S24

You can find that the update pace of the mobile phone market has been significantly accelerated in recent years. In order to increase market share, they have made great efforts, especially domestic mobile phone manufacturers, whose comprehensive strength has obviously caught up, and Samsung and Apple are under great pressure. However, after all, Samsung is a global mobile phone manufacturer, and it has been undergoing continuous transformation in recent years. It has higher and higher requirements for the quality of new phones, streamlined models, canceled the Note series, and its domestic market share has also continued to increase.

However, the pressure of market competition is huge now. Samsung must go further to compete with the local Xiaomi OV. New products must have more black technology. Judging from the news of the Samsung Galaxy S24, the phone will become a small-screen flagship killer, with surprises in terms of appearance, quality, and performance. I was really shocked. #August Creation Incentive Plan#

Let’s talk about the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S24 first. Although it is a standard version, Samsung attaches great importance to its product design. There is no punch hole in the screen. It is equipped with this real all-in-one screen. Things that need to be paid attention to are not just as simple as no punch hole, The machine’s black edge packaging process has a qualitative breakthrough, not only achieving the narrowness of the four sides, but also reducing the black edge to 1 mm, which is not easy to see at a glance. It can be seen from this that Samsung has strong industrial design capabilities, and once it is released, it will inevitably cause a sensation.

This non-porous screen is only 6.1 inches, and the screen-to-body ratio is as high as 98%. It is developed and produced by Samsung itself. It has a high brightness of 2200 nits, supports a dynamic refresh rate of 120 Hz, and the scene adjustment is smoother. The resolution is still 1080P and supports 1 billion Color display, 2160 Hz high-frequency PWM dimming, using a new Corning Gorilla Glass panel, the visual effect and screen hardness are online, without defects.

The fuselage is as simple as ever, with a one-piece glass body, beautiful and rich colors, without any image background module, and all lenses are arranged vertically. This simple design scheme is more suitable for this era. Samsung and Apple have always adopted similar design schemes. It is simple and elegant, and the recognition is not low. It is very beautiful. Samsung mobile phones have their own design ideas, and each model looks very high-end. We look forward to the performance of Samsung GaS24.

As for the image configuration, the Samsung Galaxy S24 pays more attention to image optimization. It adopts a new generation of outsole main camera, a 50-megapixel high-pixel lens, a 48-megapixel ultra-wide-angle, a 10-megapixel periscope telephoto, and supports dual optical image stabilization. Like the iPhone, Samsung mobile phones do not rely on pixels to win, but the imaging algorithm is the key point. The imaging effect of this phone will have a qualitative breakthrough, which is quite professional.

There is no doubt about the core performance of the Samsung Galaxy S24. It must be the Snapdragon 8Gen3. The architecture and running scores of this chip have been fully disclosed. The two small cores have been greatly improved, and the graphics processing capability of the GPU is stronger. game. More than that, the machine will also add an 18GB version to meet the software environment for the next five years. Judging from the current exposure information, the Snapdragon 8Gen3 is another generation of flagship God U, which is worth looking forward to.

Galaxy S24 Leaked

Samsung has fully adjusted the battery life plan of the phone and further increased the battery capacity to 4500 mAh, which is heavier than the traditional small-screen flagship and supports 45W wired fast charging + 15W wireless fast charging. The battery life is stable and long-lasting. There is still a certain gap between the charging rate and the domestic small-screen flagship.

On the whole, the Samsung Galaxy S24 has inheritance and innovation. The front screen is unique. It is quite exquisite and full-screen. The screen ratio has a qualitative breakthrough. It is equipped with a 50 million high-pixel flagship triple camera, a full-scene imaging system, and a Snapdragon 8Gen3 and 4500 mAh large battery will inevitably have a different user experience. Of course, the quality of this machine is worthy of recognition, and it still supports IP68 waterproof, which cannot be ignored. However, the price of the phone is still unclear. You may wish to consider the Samsung Galaxy S23. The price has also been adjusted, which is more worthy of attention.

Samsung Galaxy S24

Samsung Galaxy S23 is also a high-quality flagship, a fighter jet among small-screen mobile phones. Needless to say, its appearance and quality are obvious to everyone. It is good-looking and easy to use. The front 120Hz dynamic high-refresh screen, 2340X1080P resolution, supports low strobe mode, equipped with Corning Gorilla Victus2 Glass. Armored aluminum alloy middle frame with excellent texture. Built-in Snapdragon 8Gen2 customized chip, the core performance is superior. The imaging system is outstanding, with a 50-megapixel high-pixel main camera, a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle, a 10-megapixel periscope telephoto, dual OIS optical image stabilization, and a classic super-vision night shooting system. This small-screen flagship has passed the market test and is extremely competitive. Those who like Samsung mobile phones must not miss it.

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