The iPhone 15 is Confirmed To Be Equipped With a 3nm Chip

iPhone 15 Series

The iPhone 15 is Confirmed To Be Equipped With a 3nm Chip

Everyone must have seen that the configuration of the new generation of iPhone 15 series is constantly leaking. Of course, this may also be Apple’s official campaign for the new phone. After all, if the warm-up is good, the first batch of sales will be guaranteed. For friends who like the iPhone, it is estimated that they also want to know the configuration of the iPhone 15 series. Today, let’s discover the truth and see what major changes have been made in the iPhone 15 series.

More news is focused on the basic version of the iPhone 15; after all, this is the model that most users look forward to. Specifically, it was revealed that the processor of this basic version is very oppressive. It uses the same 3nm chip as the iPhone 15 Promax, the latest A17 processor. It is precisely because Apple has delegated the top processors to the basic version of the iPhone 15 this time that the price will rise. It is reported that 200 yuan have increased its price, and the cost of 512G large memory has reached 8699 yuan. Do you think this? How about the price? It is impossible to buy an Apple mobile phone at such a high price.

In addition to the 3nm chip, the iPhone 15 will have the latest original IOS17 system. The battery is expected to exceed 4000mAh, and the fast charge will reach about 30W. The image will continue to use 12 million main cameras because the 48 million large-pixel system is only used for upgrades. A version of the two flagships. The better thing is that this time the iPhone 15 will no longer have a notch design, the smart island plan will be fully distributed to the iPhone 15 series, and the four models will all have the same front design.

iPhone 14: Another 920 yuan drop for clearance

In fact, for many users who like to pick up leaks, when the new iPhone 15 series is launched for a while, their eyes are not on the new phone but on the old iPhone 14 series. According to the usual practice, every mobile phone brand has a reason for the price cut of the old machine to make way for the new device, so after the successive exposure of the iPhone 15 series this time, we did see that the iPhone 14 is making way for the price cut.

The iPhone 14 has dropped by several hundred before, and recently announced a reduction of 920 yuan. Compared with the first batch of users, it is more cost-effective to buy the iPhone 14, which means saving about 15,000 yuan. So is the iPhone 14 worth buying in terms of configuration and experience? There is no doubt about this question, the word “worth it”!

From the fluency perspective, everyone will be satisfied with the iPhone 14 because, like the iPhone 14 Pro Max, it is an ios16 system and will be updated to iOS17 in about two months. The core reason why many people are willing to make a move on the iPhone 14. As for the performance, there is no problem. After all, with the five-core version of A15 in charge, it is equivalent to a full-blooded version of the chip, which can control super-large games, so other apps will not have much pressure to run.

In addition, we also saw that the iPhone 14 has an advanced video experience; that is, it can record 4K 60-frame ultra-high-definition short videos, which meets the creative requirements of the self-media platform, and has a movie effect mode, making it very simple to shoot blurred videos. The front has a 6.1-inch OLED screen with a true color display, not a low-quality LCD screen, so the display effect is naturally good. In short, the core experience of the iPhone 14 is very good, and it is not a disadvantage to start with a low price now.

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