The Future of DC Studios Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters!

 The Future of DC Studios Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters!

A little time ago, James Gunn announced the DC slate, Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters! See everything announced and their breakdown.

We all know that DC has been going on and off in terms of continuity which has been the main problem with DC Studios. To address this, WBD announced the new Co-CEOs and Chairmen of DC Studios; Peter Safran and James Gunn. This gives DC a new hope of remaining true to the comics, characters, and connected universe. James Gunn held an exclusive press conference on Jan 30 with Peter Safran and announced an 8 to 10-year plan for DC.

The writers of the new slate are:

  • Tom King (comics writer), Christal Henry, Christina Hobson, Jeremy Slater, and Drew Goddard for Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters.

James Gunn has announced the projects to be released in this chapter in exactly two parts.

  • First Part:
    It will kick off with Shazam: Fury of the Gods, then follows The Flash (this movie will reset the DC Universe), Blue Beetle, and the last one, Aquaman and the lost kingdom.
  • Elseworlds Projects:
    Were announced: The Batman – Part II, with Robert Pattinson to star and Matt Reeves to direct, will release in theaters on Oct 3, 2025, and Joker: Folie à Deux with Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga to star and Todd Phillip to direct.
  • Second Part:
    The second party will start after the release of Aquaman and the lost kingdom and will release these projects (in order):
  1. Creature Commandos
  2. Waller
  3. Superman: Legacy
  4. Lanterns
  5. The Authority
  6. Paradise Lost
  7. The Brave and the Bold
  8. Booster Gold
  9. Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow
  10. Swamp Thing

According to Variety, Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa, Ezra Miller, and Zachery Levi can reprise their roles as the playing characters.

Let us dive into each project announced.

1.    Creature Commandos

This will be an animated series that James Gunn currently writes, and it is the first project to kick off the new DC slate in Chapter 1. According to Gunn, it is currently going into production.

  • Still, no casting has been announced for this project, but Gunn made it clear to the world that only those actors will be cast who can voice over the characters and play live-action portrayals of these whenever a cross-over happens.

2.    Waller


  • Waller series will be produced starring Viola Davis; she is the only consistent actor who has been playing Amanda Waller from Snyder’s era of Suicide Squad into Peter and Gunn’s era of DC Studios, even though many executives and management were changed during her tenure.
  • Waller will happen between Peacemaker season 1 and season 2, and the cast of Peacemaker will be in it.
  • No release date was announced, and only two people were working on it; Christal Henry (from Watchmen) and Jeremy Carver (from Doom Patrol).

3.    Superman: Legacy

Superman Legacy Movie

  • This will be accurately starting the DC Studios Chapter 1 with a significant influence. Gunn made Superman the top priority of DC.
  • The only title and release date announced is Jul 11, 2025.

4.    Lanterns

Lanterns 2023

  • Previously Greg Berlanti was announced to develop Green Lantern show for HBO Max, starting with Finn Wittrock. However, things have changed with a new regime in DC.
  • The new Lanterns show will focus on intergalactic cops in a ‘true detective’ inspired show starring John Stewart and Hal Jordan.
  • It will be a most important show, and the story will follow an investigative cop way of a mystery with deep knots to the DC slate.

5.    The Authority

The Authority

  • This is the next big comic film, Windstorm, released in 1999.
  • Gunn said it is one of his passion projects that will introduce a team of heroes making the world fixed at any cost necessary.
  • No cast or release date has been announced.

6.    Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost

  • It will be a prequel to Patty Jenkin’s Wonder Woman, and events will happen before the films.
  • It is inspired by Game of Thrones and will be set in Paradise Land, known as Themyscira, showing maybe the origin story.

7.    The Brave and the Bold

The Brave and the Bold

  • The batman of the new DC slate will be introduced in this movie, and it will not be Robert Pattinson or Ben Affleck.
  • This will be based on the introduction of Grant Morrison’s comics with Bruce Wayne and Damian Wayne (the favorite robin of James Gunn).
  • It will be a very strange-father-and-son story.

8.    Booster Gold

Booster Gold

  • It will be HBO Max series featuring an obscure character Booster Gold.
  • The story will be based on a loser coming from the future, using his future technology, and acting as a hero in the DC Universe.

9.    Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow

Woman of Tomorrow

  • It will be based on Tom King’s Comic Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, released in 2022.
  • The story will follow Kara Zor-El, a Supergirl who has spent 14 years on a separate part of Krypton.
  • Gunn compared that Superman got to be raised by an earth family, but Kara Zor-El had to raise on a destroyed part of Krypton and will feature a hard-core Supergirl in an epic science-fiction.

10. Swamp Thing
Swamp Thing

  • This will be an origin story featuring the monster Swamp Thing.
  • The story will be origin based in a very dark horror way.

See the announcement here:


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