The Appearance of Xiaomi Mi 14 Pro Is Exposed

The Appearance Of Xiaomi Mi 14 Pro Is Exposed

The Appearance of Xiaomi Mi 14 Pro Is Exposed

For Xiaomi mobile phones, it is not easy to gain high popularity in the next market, and it needs various efforts to improve the user experience.

Because the competition in the market is very cruel, whether it is 100W fast charging, outsole main camera, or more powerful high-end data, they are gradually decentralized.

Therefore, Xiaomi mobile phones can only make further breakthroughs in hardware and software to meet the requirements of consumers and make users desire to choose.

But fortunately, the performance of Xiaomi’s digital series in the market is still good, especially the success of Xiaomi 13, which has greatly increased the expectations of Xiaomi 14.

It is reported that as a small-screen mobile phone, Mi 13 has greatly improved the feel and has unambiguous hardware parameters, which can easily meet users’ needs.

What’s more, the competition in the small-screen mobile phone market is not fierce, and many manufacturers have yet to make efforts in this direction, which has also led to the fact that the product has not encountered any opponents.

In this case, the expectation value of Mi 14 has begun to rise daily, and a lot of powerful parameter information has been spread in the market, which has greatly improved the expectation value.

So let’s make a long story short, let’s take a look at the breaking news about Mi 14 pro and see what the expectations of the product are.

It is understood that the front of the Mi 14 adopts an extremely narrow new straight screen design, which is thinner than Mi 13 and has a stronger visual impact.

The key is to cancel the plastic bracket, support a 120Hz refresh rate, and support high-frequency eye-protection dimming technology is a certainty. Still, the screen material will undergo some changes.

The data shows that the Mi 14 may use a domestic screen; it supports the same model as the Mi 13 Ultra and will also help with a 1.5K resolution design.

It’s just that the size stays mostly the same. The arrangement of the rear camera module is the same as that of Mi 13, which is 3 round upright lenses + square Deco, which is still acceptable in terms of style.

In addition, the ultra-narrow bezel of Mi 14 is only 1mm. This extremely narrow bezel screen provided by China Star Optoelectronics is the slimmest bezel in the industry, and the bezel width of the Mi 13 is 1.61mm, and that of the iPhone 14 Pro is 2.15mm.

The back design has also been upgraded from three cameras to four cameras. It is reportedly equipped with a periscope lens with a focal length of 90mm, which supports 3.9x optical zoom, and the effect is still very good.

It’s just that the lens sensor will be very strong. It is reportedly equipped with a 50 Mp 1/1.28 ” “+ vertical medium-telephoto super-outsole imaging system, which is still very strong in terms of strength.

Coupled with the blessing of Leica lens certification, the camera effect of the Mi 14 is still worth looking forward to, and it will even beat Mi 13 to become the next excellent small-screen flagship.

In addition, the core configuration parameters of Mi 14 have become very clear; that is, it will be equipped with a Snapdragon 8 Gen3 processor, and the stock has 512GB/1TB, which can easily meet routine use.

In addition, today’s new phones start with 12GB of running memory, and it is estimated that Mi 14 will be the same. Otherwise, it will be complaints from many consumers.

Moreover, Mi 14 will also be equipped with LPDDR5X and USF4.0 and even bring the standard specification of USB3.2 to meet the various needs of users directly.

As for the battery life, it will continue to use the battery capacity starting with 4, but it should support 90W wired fast charging, which will further promote the development pressure of the brand.

In addition, there is no problem with the system of Mi 14, that is, the built-in MIUI15. Compared with MIUI14, the overall improvement is still very large.

These include only supporting 64-bit applications and no longer supporting 32-bit applications. This is a big change. For new phones, the application experience should become better.

At the same time, the icon will adopt a rounded rectangular shape with a large arc, which is consistent with Xiaomi’s new logo, and the Material You design language promoted by Google will be introduced to bring users a more personalized interface experience.

It allows users to redraw icons, including adjusting colors, shapes, and microscopic details. As a rice fan, you can still look forward to it.

The development pressure of today’s market is very high, but if we want to exert our strength, Xiaomi mobile phones must come up with stronger products.

So here comes the question, what do you expect from Mi 14? Welcome to reply to the discussion.

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