Space Mechanics Simulator

A new space simulation game “Space Mechanics Simulator” is officially on sale on Steam!

The space simulation game “Space Mechanics Simulator” by developer Atomic Jelly is now officially on sale on the Steam platform.

All parts of the game are simulated to make the player more immersive. Players will become space mechanics who cannot simply disconnect a pipe before closing a valve but needs to look at the schematic and use tools to diagnose the problem. The player’s spacesuit has a powerful flashlight and auto-thrusters to help stabilize if required. Also, be careful not to run out of oxygen, fuel, or energy, as the player must fly back to the shuttle to replenish everything.

As the game progresses, players unlock tutorials that grant players licenses to new tools and activities. Players will start with simple mechanical repairs and diagnostics using infrared cameras and sensors built into the devices, eventually escalating to electrical maintenance and even device programming. Plus, players can earn extra cash by learning how to mine resources without buying them.

“Space Mechanics Simulator” has landed on the Steam platform, and the price is 12.74 USD. It is currently offering a discount for the first release. You can enjoy a discounted price of 15% before August 19. Interested players should not miss it.


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