Can’t move up? Sony: The number of PS+ member subscribers will no longer be disclosed in the future!

In the past, Sony has regularly disclosed the number of subscribers of PS+ members, but in the latest earnings meeting, they did not do so.

In this regard, Sony officials said: In the future, the number of PlayStation plus members will no longer be disclosed!

Sony said that their future focus will be on improving PlayStation plus membership services, and it will explore more options to keep PlayStation plus growing and increasing its appeal. As for the specific subscription, industry analyst ZhugeEX said this is unsurprising because the number of PS+ subscribers has hovered around 47 million in the past few years, and the upward trend is no longer obvious. Since Sony divided PS+ members into three grades, their main goal is to convert more basic members into high-level members.

The number of PS+ subscribers in the first quarter of 2023 has not changed compared with last year, but PS+ revenue has increased by 14% year-on-year because some first-tier members have opened second/third tiers, which is also happening. It is Sony’s future goal.

In addition, Sony will also start reporting software sales for platforms other than PlayStation game consoles (including PCs) in the future. It seems that they also pay more attention to the PC platform.


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