See Samsung Patented Wrap-Around Display Screens for the Galaxy S30 Ultra

 See Samsung Patented Wrap-Around Display Screens for the Galaxy S30 Ultra

LetsGoDigital an online platform discovered a Samsung patent for a wrap-around display and along with that, they found a concept video for the display online on YouTube. The concept showed an in-depth concept of the wrap-around display proposed by Samsung based on the patent. The video showed a design for Samsung Galaxy S30 Ultra.

The Patent Design by Samsung for wrap-around display:

Galaxy S30 Ultra

From the innovations introduced into the displays by Samsung, there is a good chance that Samsung will introduce the transcending display and designs to the market. Just like the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip with foldable displays that got the keen eye of the consumers as unique, fashionable, and functional at the same time.

Samsung fold

From the patent designs, it can be deduced that Samsung has similar designs with the Xiaomi MIX Alpha. The wrap-around display had the same astounding visuals as the MIX Alpha. The concept showed an S pen inside the wrap-around display phone with cameras being placed upon the upper side of the screen horizontally. While the cameras on MIX Alpha are placed on the rear side of the phone vertically.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

See the video of concept design for the wrap-around display:

There is a high chance that Samsung will introduce the wrap-around displays to the phones eventually. But there is a low chance for Samsung to introduce these kinds of displays to their main Galaxy S series.


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