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Samsung will rank first in mobile phone market share in 42 countries in 2023

Samsung Mobile Market In 2023

According to Counterpoint Research’s quarterly market monitoring report, Samsung is expected to rank first in market share in 42 countries by 2023, while falling to 42 countries from 46 countries a year ago.

Samsung market
The current analysis of 74 countries shows that although Samsung Electronics has lost the number one position in six countries including the Philippines, it will regain the number one position in two countries, India and Malaysia. To be clear, Samsung will lose its number one position in 4 countries this year.

The market share of six countries including the Philippines, Algeria, and Kuwait will decrease. Historically, the Philippines has been a strong market for Samsung, accounting for a sizeable share of shipments in Southeast Asia.

However, the dynamics are changing, especially with the local popularity and acceptance of the model, which will be released in the first half of 2023. This growth suggests that Samsung’s dominance in the second half of this year may be under threat.

In addition, in Kuwait, Apple is expected to surpass Samsung Electronics, while in Algeria, TECNO is expected to replace Samsung Electronics. Apple is expected to rank first in the key GCC market of Kuwait, driven by the popularity of the iPhone 14 Pro series in the high-end segment of $800 and above in the first half of 2023. On the other hand, in Algeria, Samsung Electronics will lose its leading position due to TECNO’s price competition strategy.

However, Samsung Electronics is expected to overtake Xiaomi this year and secure the top spot in India and Malaysia. Samsung Electronics has adopted a variety of strategies to capture the Indian market. Samsung Electronics has successfully implemented various sales strategies such as the Galaxy A series targeting offline channels, the F series focusing on large online retailer Flipkart, and the M series focusing on Amazon.

In addition, the high-end lineup of the Galaxy S and Z series has also been well received in India, which has also contributed to the expansion of Samsung Electronics’ market share. Are you using a Samsung smartphone?

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