Samsung Galaxy S24 Series Record Breaking Reorders

samsung galaxy s24 series

Samsung Galaxy S24 Series Record Breaking Reorders

Samsung Electronics announced on the 26th that the number of domestic pre-orders for the Galaxy S24 series in South Korea during the week from the 19th to the 25th was 1.21 million units. This is the highest pre-sale volume ever for the Samsung Galaxy S series, and it took Lu Taiwen only one year to surpass the record of the “Galaxy S23” series released last year. The Samsung Galaxy S23 series hit a record of 1.09 million pre-sales in one week.

Tim Roh
The average daily sales volume was 173,000 units, surpassing the Galaxy Note 10 (125,000 units at the time) and becoming the highest pre-sale record among all Galaxy smartphones.

Judging from the sales proportion of each model, among the 1.21 million units, Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra accounted for approximately 60% , Galaxy S24+ accounted for approximately 21%, and Galaxy S24 accounted for approximately 19%. In terms of color, Galaxy S24 Ultra has the highest proportion of titanium black, and Galaxy S24+ and Galaxy S24 have the highest proportion of marble gray.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra sells well. In addition to performance and image improvements, its mobile phone AI empowerment also brings sales increases. In addition, the Corning® Gorilla® Armor glass used in Samsung S24 Ultra makes the phone anti-drop, anti-scratch, and anti-reflective, which increases users’ desire to buy. Let’s see what Corning Vice President Bain said?

He said in the interview About Galaxy S24:

“Gorilla Armor is durable ( even in the scratch test with a 4kg load, Gorilla Armor did not cause any noticeable scratches ) and therefore protects the Galaxy S24 Ultra well, and the optical performance is good ( reflections from normal glass surfaces The reflectivity is about 4%, while Gorilla Armor has a reflectivity of less than 1%, reducing light reflection by up to 75% ), so you can enjoy AI features well. The glass is more durable, so you can use your smartphone’s The service life is longer, up to 3 to 4 years.

He added, ” If it were me, I wouldn’t use a protective film (to protect the LCD) on the Galaxy S24 Ultra with Gorilla Armor ,” adding, “I’m proud of Corning products.”

Samsung Galaxy S24 series includes Galaxy S24, S24+ and S24 Ultra. The price of the National Bank is officially confirmed:

Galaxy S24
– 8+256GB: 5,499 yuan
– 12+256GB: 5,999 yuan
– 8+512GB: 6,499 yuan

Galaxy S24+
– 12+256GB: 6999 yuan
– 12+512GB: 7999 yuan

Galaxy S24 Ultra
– 12+256GB: 9699 yuan
– 12+512GB: 10699 yuan
– 12+1TGB: 12699 yuan

We review the main specifications of the Galaxy S24 Ultra model:

Processor: Samsung’s exclusive high-frequency version of Snapdragon 8G3, CPU super core 3.39GHz, GPU 1000MHz

Running memory: 12GB LPDDR5X

Four rear cameras: (200MP main camera S5KHP2, 1/1.3″ + 12MP ultra-wide-angle IMX564, 1/2.55″ + 10MP mid-telephoto IMX754, 1/3.52″ + 50MP telephoto IMX854, 1/2.52″), three front cameras It’s the same model as the previous generation, but the 50MP telephoto is a new one.

Front camera: 12Mp front camera (S5K3LU, the same model as the previous generation)

Storage capacity: 256GB/512GB/1TB UFS 4.0

Screen: 6.8 inches, 1440 x 3120 resolution, AMOLED 2x, HDR 10+, 120Hz refresh rate, PWM dimming frequency of 492Hz, deliberately a little better than the iPhone 480Hz

Battery life: 5000mAh + 45W fast charge, 65% completed in 30 minutes

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra uses a titanium frame for the first time in the series, and the body is significantly thinner at only 8.6 mm. Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is available in four colors: titanium gray, titanium black, titanium twilight purple, and titanium feather yellow. Regarding the release of Samsung Galaxy S24 series, have you purchased it?

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