Samsung Galaxy S24+ Qualcomm Snapdragon 8Gen3’s Geekbench Score Exposed

Samsung Galaxy S24+ Qualcomm Snapdragon 8Gen3’s Geekbench Score Exposed

Recently, the Geekbench benchmarking platform showed its Samsung Galaxy S24+ carrying Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon 8Gen3 chipset test scores. Samsung Galaxy S24+, the phone model is SM-S926U, the running memory is 8GB, and it runs One UI 6 (Android 14).

Geekbench scores show that the Samsung Galaxy S24+ scored 2231 points on Geekbench 6.1 single-core and 6661 points on multi-core. From the current news, this result belongs to Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3.

galaxy s24 geekbench result

Parameters: TSMC N4P, 1*3.3GHz X4 super large core + 3*3.15GHz A720 large core + 2*2.96GHz A720 large core + 2*2.27GHz A520 small core, Adreno 750 GPU.

We compared the test scores of the Snapdragon 8Gen2 carried by the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus, with a single-core score of 1947 and a multi-core score of 5204. Compared with the single-core score increase of 14.58%, the multi-score increase of 27.99%.

The newly exposed test scores show that compared with the Apple A16 Bionic (single-core score of 2553 points and multi-core score of 6549 points), the Snapdragon 8Gen3 is still mediocre, effectively refuting the previous claims about its performance improvement.

According to past information, the upcoming third-generation Snapdragon 8 chipset is manufactured using TSMC’s N4 technology. So considering the Snapdragon 8Gen3 only got marginal node upgrades (TSMC N4 to N4P), don’t expect much of an improvement either.

It’s unclear whether the chipset in question is the standard Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 or the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 For Galaxy, and only a reappearance of Geekbench’s AP listing will answer that question.

In addition to the Geekbench website, the Samsung Galaxy S24+ has also passed TUV certification. Its high-end ultimatum, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, was certified together. The battery capacity of both devices has been confirmed.

The Samsung Galaxy S24+ is listed on TUV with a rated capacity of 4,755mAh and a battery identification of EB-BS926ABY. The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is equipped with a rated 4855mAh battery with the model number EB-BS926ABY. These two batteries may be the first to support Samsung’s new 65W fast charging standard.

The Samsung Galaxy S24+ and S24 Ultra will have Super AMOLED displays with Quad HD+ resolution and 120 Hz refresh rate. The Ultra should introduce a new version of Samsung’s 200-megapixel camera, and will once again bring an integrated slot for the S Pen stylus.

But the most surprising thing is that the Samsung Galaxy S24+ engineering machine is still only equipped with 8GB of running memory. Is this on par with Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro’s 6GB of running memory? Domestic brands basically start with 12GB, and the flagship 16GB is also common. OnePlus ACE 2 Pro and Red Magic 8S Pro+ have broken through to 24GB of running memory.

Of course, the running score of the mass-produced Qualcomm Snapdragon 8Gen3 will be higher than it is now, and the performance of the domestic brand Mi 14 series, OnePlus 12, iQOO12 series, Realme GT5 Pro and other new machine debugging will be released even better.

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