Redmi Note 13 Turbo confirmed: 24GB Ram +1TB Storage

Redmi Note 13 Turbo confirmed

If you pay attention to domestic mobile phone brands, you will find that they update their products all year round, and basically have major products to be released every two months.

redmi note 12 turbo

From the perspective of speed and rhythm, the most frequently updated product in the domestic camp is Redmi! Because this sub-brand now produces both high-end and mid-to-low-end products, and adheres to the tactics of “ship-to-market”, it releases more new products every year than its competitors. Recently, the new Redmi Note13 Turbo has been exposed again. It is reported that it will be released around January, mainly to impact the Spring Festival sales! According to the news, this product is also a stacked mobile phone with many bucket configurations. It is a hard-core low-priced product. Maybe you will also like it.

This time Redmi Note13 Turbo plans to popularize the 24G+1TB large storage version at a low price. It will directly put 24G+1TB at the price of 2699 yuan. I believe many people can afford this price and are happy to buy it because of the ceiling-level storage. Naturally, it can bring the smoothest experience. In addition to the top-level storage combination, it is reported that Redmi Note13 Turbo will also have the most satisfactory fast charging combination, which is a 5500mAh large battery + 80W fast charging. There is no doubt that after multiple comparisons, you will find that this combination is also at the current price Up to the best level, you no longer need to charge the battery several times a day.

Products named Turbo are all performance-centric. This time, the Redmi Note13 Turbo will naturally be equipped with a stronger processor, which is the third-generation Snapdragon 7, which is the same chip as the Honor 100. According to the current configuration leaks, there is nothing regrettable about this product. It will be exposed after its release. However, you must know that it will be available for about two months, so some people may not be able to wait for such a long time. time. So if it’s time to replace it with a new one now, which products would you recommend? If you have large storage needs and a low budget, I highly recommend you consider Redmi Note12Turbo!

At present, the 16G+1TB version of Redmi Note12 Turbo is already as low as just over 2,000 yuan, which is also the representative of the largest storage at this price. With the blessing of 1TB large memory, it will be enough for you to use it for five or six years. What’s better is that this product has been built according to the performance of a flagship machine. It is equipped with the second-generation Snapdragon 7+ high-end chip, supported by the top 4nm process, and has a running score of not less than one million levels. It is sufficient for playing games. . In addition to its excellent performance, Redmi Note12 Turbo’s fast charging is perfect enough. It has a large 5000mAh battery + 67W power, which can also meet the needs of a full day of battery life.

What’s not bad is that Redmi Note12 Turbo has Xiaomi’s imaging technology, which is Xiaomi Imaging Brain 2.0. The main camera is 64 million pixels and comes with OIS optical image stabilization. This kind of imaging hardware is already a model at the same price point. The screen is upgraded to OLED material, and the body has a small vertical edge design. It can be said that this product does have good looks and strength. 16G+1TB is as low as just over 2,000 yuan. There is nothing wrong with buying it early and enjoying it early.

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