See the prices of Xiaomi 12, 12X, and 12 Pro at the Launch !

 See the prices of Xiaomi 12, 12X, and 12 Pro at the Launch !

Xiaomi 12 Pro starts at $999, 12 starts at $749, and 12X starts at $649.

Prices of Xiaomi 12 Series Models
Prices of Mi 12 Series Models

Upon the launch of the 12 series, the company announced the prices of the phones in this series. This series will launch in overall the world from Europe, America, Africa, and the Middle East to Asia.

Xiaomi 12 Pro Specs
Mi 12 Pro Specs

The top model Xiaomi 12 Pro will begin from $1,000/ €1,000 with 8GB RAM and 256 storage. Another variant with 12GB RAM will be launched too. It should be noticed that last year Mi 11 Pro wasn’t able to reach the global market so prices can’t be compared with each other.

Xiaomi 12 Specs
Mi 12 Specs

The next phone Xiaomi 12 will start from $750/ €800 with 8GB RAM and 256GB storage. You can also purchase variants in 8/256GB and 12/256GB. There was a €50 price raise noticed from the Mi 11 with 8/128GB specs.

Xiaomi 12X Specs
Mi 12X Specs

The third phone in the series Xiaomi 12X includes Snapdragon 870 instead of Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 thus a $100 drop-in price has occurred. The phone will start from $650/ €700 for the 8/128GB variant. There is also a 256GB option available.

Xiaomi 12 and 12X Prices

There are three colors available in this series: Blue, Gray, and Purple. With the purchase of a phone in the series will provide a free three-month trial of YouTube Premium so now you can watch videos ad-free and listen to the premium content with download options.


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