PlayStation 5 has crossed 40 million sales, but consumers are still unhappy!

PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 has crossed 40 million sales, but consumers are still unhappy!

The global sales of the console PlayStation 5 have exceeded 40 million units. On Thursday night, Sony Interactive Entertainment President and CEO Jim Lane announced on the official blog that the company’s home game launched in November 2020.

PlayStation 5 vs the game market

Jim lamented that, unlike Sony’s disclosure of the next-generation console in 2019, the world had become strange and different by the time it was officially released in November 2020. For a long time now, Sony’s teams have been busy making sure the supply chain is stable. As of today, PlayStation 5 supply is already very abundant, and those pent-up demands are finally being met.

However, the technology media The Verge also pointed out that compared with Sony’s announcement in July 2021 that PlayStation 5 sales exceeded 10 million units, it used “the fastest-selling Sony interactive entertainment console in history” with great pride. It looked a bit flat, reflecting that even if the supply chain problems subside, the market remains in a weak condition.

Compared with PS4 reaching the 40 million sales milestone, PS5 is about 2 months slower. From 2013 to the end of its life cycle in March 2022, 117 million PS4 units have been shipped worldwide.

According to Sony’s 2022 annual report (the fiscal year of Japanese companies generally ends at the end of March of the following year), counting the 6.3 million PlayStation 5 units sold in the first three months of this year, the sales volume of this model has reached more than 38 million units. Throughout the 2022 fiscal year, Sony sold 19.1 million PlayStation 5 units, better than the 18 million units guided by previous financial reports.

According to the latest announcement, Jim Lane revealed that 40 million units were not achieved until July 16 this year. Sony had expected to sell 25 million PS5s this year.

In addition to the weakening of the consumer electronics market, the “weakness” of the game software market is also a factor that drags down Sony’s console performance. Although Sony’s game software revenue in the first three months of this year increased year-on-year, the number of units sold fell to 68 million from 70.5 million a year ago. Reasons such as the lack of high-quality first-party masterpieces also restrict consumers’ enthusiasm for buying new game consoles.

But on the whole, if you don’t consider the Switch series of game consoles released by Nintendo in 2017, which has almost no performance upgrades, in the competition of next-generation home entertainment terminals, Sony’s PS5 will indeed suppress its old rival Microsoft. The Xbox Series One head.

At the developer conference at the end of June this year, Microsoft disclosed that the Xbox Series X/S series launched almost simultaneously with the PS5, sold 21 million units. Compared with the previous data, it is almost exactly half of Sony.


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