OPPO K11 Official Announcement Will Be Released On July 25th


OPPO K11 Official Announcement Will Be Released On July 25th

Today, I am very happy to announce to you the new OPPO K11 in July. One of the anticipated highlights is that it will be equipped with Sony IMX890 sensory elements. It is really not easy to see this sensory element in a 2000-level mobile phone. Familiar friends may know that only some more expensive products, such as Find X6 series, OnePlus 11 series and Reno 10 series, used this photosensitive element before.

So the question is, after K11 uses this photosensitive element, can its photo effect be comparable to that of the Find X6 series? I don’t think so, because there are too many factors that affect the quality of mobile phone photos. The composition of the camera is one of them. We need to consider whether to equip it with better protective glass, such as anti-glare glass; whether to use better lenses for it, such as high-lens lenses; Give it a better image processor and so on.

These factors will have an impact on the quality of his photos. Therefore, for now, we only know that he is using an IMX890 model of mobile phone, and it is temporarily impossible to determine how well it will take pictures. The final conclusion depends on the actual usage. But then again, if a 2000-level phone can carry an IMX890 model camera, I think it is very worthy of recognition.

So the question is, if you were buying a phone for your parents, would you consider this model?

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