OneXPlayer 2 Pro is now on the market with R7 7840U & a 8.4-inch screen

onexplayer 2 pro

OneXPlayer 2 Pro is now on the market with R7 7840U & a 8.4-inch screen

Onebook has released the OneXPlayer 2 Pro EVA joint limited edition three-in-one portable. The initial price of R7 7840U + 32G + 1T is 7399 yuan. The regular version of OneXPlayer 2 Pro handheld is now on the market. It can be black and white. R7 7840U + 32G + 1T starts at 6999 yuan. EVA Joint Limited Edition is also presented on the stage.

The OneXPlayer 2 Pro is set up as follows:

onexplayer 2 pro

This handheld is equipped with the latest generation of AMD Ryzen 7 7840U processor, adopts Zen 4 architecture, eight cores, and 16 threads, and has a maximum acceleration frequency of 5.1GHz; it is equipped with a Radeon 780M core display with RDNA3 architecture, and the frequency can reach 2.7GHz. The LPDDR5X high-frequency memory in this handheld is optionally expandable to 64GB, and the SSD is a PCIe4.0*4 NVMe type with an optional 4TB.

In terms of screen, this handheld is equipped with an 8.4-inch screen with 2.5K ultra-high-definition resolution, 118% sRGB high color gamut volume, supports ten-point touch, and 4096-level pressure-sensitive original handwriting.

This handheld’s handle follows the OneXPlayer 2’s detachable handle feature. According to the ergonomically designed curve radian, it fits the player’s palm more, which is easy to hold and not tired after playing for a long time; the buttons adopt the classic Xbox button dislocation layout, ALPS e-sports joystick height of 7.5mm, tilt angle 18 degrees, using the self-developed algorithm of the OneXPlayer team, can make the joystick have no dead zone inside the inner circle, and calibration function supported.

In other respects, the machine has built-in dual stereo speakers provided by Harman and certified by Harman brand audio; a built-in 65.5Wh large-capacity fast-charge battery with a 100W gallium nitride charger; the machine’s top has a USB-C 4.0 interface, a Micro SD 4.0 expansion port, a USB-A 3.0 interface, and a 3.5mm audio interface; its bottom has a USB-C 3.1 interface and a pogo pin interface for the magnetic keyboard.


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