Nubia Z50S Pro Review and Camera Samples

Nubia Z50s

Nubia Z50S Pro Review and Camera Samples

The mobile phone industry has entered the era of the one-inch sensor. Judging from the current image flagships, they basically choose the IMX989 as the main camera. This one-inch sensor is a milestone product in a certain sense. Some representative works such as Mi 13 Ultra , vivo X90 Pro+, OPPO Find X6 Pro… The word-of-mouth of these phones are considered very good products in the circle.

As a strong player in early mobile phone images, Nubia seems unwilling to use the size of the sensor to drive the performance of mobile phone images. Starting from the Nubia Z40 Pro, the focal length of the main camera is 35mm, which is also very suitable for street sweeping humanistic photography. The focal length of the lens and the effects of various film simulations have achieved a beauty of film production that spans the ages. To be honest, I really agree with Nubia’s idea of ​​breaking the traditional mobile phone image. On the Nubia Z50S Pro, the main camera is naturally a 35mm humanistic main camera, but the hardware and software have been upgraded unprecedentedly. In this review, I will also talk about my experience with the Nubia Z50S Pro mainly for the image part.

Nubia Z50S Design

Look at the product design first, this generation of Nubia Z50S Pro has finally come to the big camera module in the middle circle, but if you are careful, you will find that the camera module still continues Nubia’s classic double red circle waistline design, and the camera as a whole looks more like a card camera. The official name of this design is the human eye camera module. From the actual machine, the workmanship is very fine, especially the one with the camera lens in the opening of the main camera in the middle. smell.

Nubia S50 Pro Camera

The color of my machine is black coffee, and the back uses a double-textured back shell, which is made of a whole piece of glass. The glossy part on the left is like the metal middle frame of a camera, and the right side is made of glass through a three-dimensional etching process. Showing the feel of calfskin, Nubia has realized two kinds of feel on a whole piece of glass, the craftsmanship is very solid and distinctive!

The middle frame is still designed with right-angled edges, and the edges are treated with excessively natural R-angles, which not only maintains the classic design of Nubia mobile phones, but also takes into account the feel. In addition, the metal middle frame is still designed with a custom physical sliding button on the side, which is larger and more three-dimensional than the previous generation. During use, you can quickly enter the humanistic street shooting mode, or other custom functions.


The screen of the Nubia Z50S Pro uses a 6.78-inch BOE Q9 luminescent material AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 120Hz. The resolution reaches 1.5K. At the same time, it is also arranged in a full-screen blue diamond. The displayed text is relatively clear, and it also reaches a local peak brightness of 1200nits. . In terms of eye protection, it has obtained UL platinum low blue light eye protection certification, supports 2160Hz high-frequency PWM dimming, and can enable global DC dimming in the developer options.

Camera Review

If I choose a lens among many lenses for street photography, I will be entangled between 50mm and 35mm, but in the end, I will definitely choose 35mm unswervingly. 35mm can be said to be a recognized humanistic lens, which is different from the current mobile phone that chooses a focal length of about 23mm as the main camera. Nubia’s bold choice from the beginning has now been recognized by the market.

Nubia S50 Pro Camera

In terms of hardware, the sensor of the 35mm main camera of the Nubia Z50S Pro has been upgraded to a 1/1.49-inch IMX800. It should be noted that the volume of this main camera module has reached 22.5*22*6.6mm, which is basically the same as the volume of the main camera of many one-inch sensor phones, or even larger, because Nubia chose to focus on the 35mm focal length There’s also a larger sensor tucked under the lens. In addition, the clear aperture of the lens reaches 5.21mm, which is currently the largest clear aperture in the main camera. Therefore, there will be hardware-level advantages in terms of optical blur performance and night scene performance.

Since Nubia chose to play with the lens, it will definitely invest heavily in such an important lens. For example, the main camera of the Nubia Z50S Pro uses a customized 1G+6P optical lens. The advantage is that it can improve the purple fringing in the photo as much as possible, and at the same time bring features such as ultra-low dispersion and high light transmission. The aperture is also a super large aperture of f/1.59. With the 35mm main camera, it can achieve a high-quality shallow depth of field effect. The optical blur effect of the actual imaging is even stronger than the photos taken by some one-inch bottom mobile phones. The other two lenses are ultra-wide-angle and medium-telephoto lenses with a focal length of 80mm, which meet the needs of users for shooting all scenes.

In the humanistic street shooting mode, Nubia Z50S Pro has given a new UI layout this time. The entire UI interface incorporates Nubia’s red elements into it, and at the same time gives the camera a leather texture effect, which is more humane than the previous layout. The shutter feedback effect when shooting is also crisp and neat.

When shooting, I still recommend that you choose the humanistic street shooting mode. With the built-in film filter + grain simulation effect, the straight-out photos are very humanistic. I always think that it is possible to consider co-branding with Fuji cameras? But judging from the actual proofs, it is not necessary, because Nubia’s built-in filter tone is already very capable. The capture speed of the main camera is very fast, and there is basically no feeling of procrastination.

At the same time, I suggest that when shooting night scenes, you can turn off the automatic night scene mode, because I personally feel that although it does bring a brighter picture after turning it on, it lacks that sense of humanity. After turning off the night scene mode, it brings a strong film feel, and the atmosphere is very good.

Nubia Z50S Pro’s 80mm telephoto plus Nubia optical super-resolution algorithm, the shooting effect is not bad. Judging from the proofs we took, it meets the expected level, and the film filter itself has a bonus. Of course, I still hope to see more distinctive telephoto lenses on future products.

It is worth mentioning that, as a filter manufacturer, the filter factory of Nubia Z50S Pro now supports the import of third-party filters. This is really learning from the camera. Which manufacturer do you think this solution is like in the camera? ?

Finally, let’s talk about the night scene mode. In fact, I prefer to shoot in the humanistic photography mode in the night scene mode. After all, this is the core of the Nubia Z50S Pro. However, this generation of Night Mandrill Algorithm 2.0 not only improves the brightness of night scene photos, but also optimizes the saturation, contrast, night scene portraits, etc. In fact, it can be seen that Nubia hopes to bring Humanistic style, this way of thinking is right. Judging from the actual proofs, even the performance of the telephoto lens in the night scene has a strong film texture. Using this kind of photo to produce a film, I think it is the correct direction for mobile phone images.


The processor part of the Nubia Z50S Pro has been given the leading version of Snapdragon 8 Gen2, and the main frequency of the super-large core has reached 3.36GHz, which means that there is more space to be released in terms of absolute performance. The actual AnTuTu running score exceeds 1.63 million points, and the stability of the 3DMark stress test is 87.2%.

The heat dissipation part is combined with diamond heat-conducting gel, nano-carbon fiber, graphene, and a large area of ​​4233mm2 bionic VC heat dissipation plate, which makes the game experience relatively stable. In the case of the highest image quality of Yuanshin God, we used PerfDog to test, and Liyuegang can stabilize 59.8 frames. I can even turn on the charging separation function when I am playing games. When I turn it on and connect to the charger, it will only supply power to the phone, so that the temperature of the game will be lower. This once reminded me of my gaming notebook. Of course, this function can be done. Globally supported.


The body of the Nubia Z50S Pro is not small, so I think it should be able to pack a 5100mAh battery. After the actual 2-hour medium-to-severe test, the remaining power is 83%, which is good. The charging part is given 80W fast charge.

Finally, let’s talk about the system part, which is also an aspect that many people care about Nubia. In fact, MyOS is relatively stable among many system UIs, and all the functions that should be given are also given to you. What is commendable is that MyOS is one of the few systems that turns off ads by default. There are very few ads in the overall use, or there is no perception. At the same time, most of the built-in applications can be deleted. The whole system now feels pure to me.


I haven’t written a graphic review for a long time, but for this phone, I really think that the graphic and text can better reflect the taste of the image. After all, the main focus is still the image~ I personally prefer the appearance and image of the Nubia Z50S Pro , the appearance is an absolute plus item, and I even think it surpasses some current mainstream imaging flagship phones. While the 35mm main camera of the image is breaking the track, through a larger lens module and a larger aperture, this 35mm humanistic lens can play a more close-to-camera experience when shooting. Let us also wait and see what kind of surprises Nubia will bring to everyone on the road of imaging in the future!

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