Nubia Z50 Ultra vs Nubia Z50S Pro

Nubia Z50 Ultra vs Nubia Z50S Pro

Nubia Z50 Ultra vs Nubia Z50S Pro

Nubia Z50 Ultra vs Nubia Z50S Pro, Which One is Better?

When faced with two flagship phones with similar prices, the Nubia Z50 Ultra and the Nubia Z50S Pro, we can’t help but fall into a situation of choice. These two smartphones carry Nubia’s innovative technology and excellent craftsmanship, bringing users an unparalleled experience.

However, with such a tough choice, we have to dig deep into the differences to find the one that best suits our individual needs. This article will make a detailed comparison between Nubia Z50 Ultra and Nubia Z50S Pro to help you make an informed decision. Read on to make more informed buying decisions as we explore their design, performance, photography capabilities, and other exciting features.

1. Appearance design

The Nubia Z50 Ultra features an eye-catching no-hole full-screen design. On this phone, the front camera is perfectly hidden, so that the screen can present a more pure visual effect. Users can enjoy high-definition content without any interruption. At the same time, its right-angled frame is made of metal, showing a strong sense of modernity. This design makes the four corners of the phone more prominent, adding a bit of a tough atmosphere, making the overall shape more fashionable and refined.

The Nubia Z50S Pro adopts a centered hole-digging straight screen design. Although the front camera is located at the top center of the screen, it is relatively conspicuous visually, but it also ensures that users can get excellent image performance when taking selfies and video calls. Similar to the Z50 Ultra, the Z50S Pro also uses a metal right-angle frame, showing a durable side. However, the difference is that the four corners of the Z50S Pro are more rounded, creating a more friendly and gentle feeling, making the overall appearance more friendly and atmospheric.

2. Display screen

Nubia Z50 Ultra has a 6.8-inch AMOLED screen, which provides 1.5k resolution, making image details clearer and more vivid, and color performance more realistic. At the same time, the 120Hz refresh rate brings smoother scrolling and animation effects, allowing users to experience higher interactivity and smooth operation when using mobile phones. The peak brightness of 1500 nits means that the screen can maintain excellent visibility in sunlight, so users can easily read content, watch videos, and get excellent display effects both indoors and outdoors.

The Nubia Z50S Pro is equipped with a 6.78-inch AMOLED screen. Although the hole-digging design will slightly reduce the usable area of ​​the screen compared to the under-screen straight screen, it can still maintain a good visual experience. Z50S Pro also provides 1.5k resolution and 120Hz refresh rate, which presents excellent picture quality and smooth operating experience. However, its peak brightness is 1200 nits, which is slightly inferior to the 1500 nits of the Z50 Ultra model, but it can still show a relatively good brightness effect in daily use.

3. Camera

Nubia Z50 Ultra is equipped with a 16MP camera on the front camera, providing clear and delicate images for selfies and video calls. In terms of rear camera configuration, this phone provides a powerful lens combination. First of all, there are two 64MP optical image stabilization main cameras, one of which is specially designed for humanistic main camera, which can capture detailed scenery and people; the other is specially designed for portrait main camera, which becomes your photography weapon with excellent portrait effect. In addition, the Nubia Z50 Ultra is also equipped with a 50MP ultra-wide-angle macro lens, allowing you to shoot a wider scene or capture the details of tiny objects at close range.

The camera configuration of the Nubia Z50S Pro is equally powerful. The front camera is also 16MP, giving you a high-quality selfie and video calling experience. In terms of rear camera configuration, Z50S Pro is equipped with a 50MP optical image stabilization main camera, which can capture more details and colors, making your photos more vivid. It is also equipped with a 50MP ultra-wide-angle macro lens, allowing you to take a wider range of scenes and more artistic macro photos. There is also an 8MP optical image stabilization telephoto lens to provide you with a better long-distance shooting experience, allowing you to shoot clearer distant scenes.

4. Core performance

The Nubia Z50 Ultra is powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen2 flagship processor with a main frequency of 3.2GHz. This processor has already demonstrated very good performance, and it can easily handle various tasks in daily use, making the phone run smoothly and open applications quickly. With a large-capacity 5000mAh battery, the Z50 Ultra can provide long-lasting battery life, so you don’t need to charge frequently during a day’s use. The 80W fast charging technology provides a very fast charging speed for mobile phones, allowing you to quickly restore power and reduce charging waiting time.

The Nubia Z50S Pro is equipped with the flagship processor of the Snapdragon 8 Gen2 leading version, with a main frequency of up to 3.36GHz, which is slightly higher than the 3.2GHz of the Z50 Ultra model. This means that the Z50S Pro is more powerful in terms of processor performance, which can provide faster data processing speed and smoother user experience. At the same time, the battery capacity of 5100mAh provides more protection for the battery life of the mobile phone, so that you can still use it for a long time under high-intensity use. The 80W fast charging technology also exists in the Z50S Pro, which makes the charging speed of the mobile phone extremely fast, making your mobile phone ready for the next round of use.

Comparative summary

When comparing the two flagship phones, the Nubia Z50 Ultra and the Nubia Z50S Pro, we can clearly see that they differ significantly in several ways. If you pay attention to the rounder corners of the phone, clearer main camera, stronger performance, and longer battery life, then it is better to choose the more affordable Nubia Z50S Pro flagship phone.

But if you prefer a full-screen design without digging holes, and you are not so worried about the price, then the Nubia Z50

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