Nintendo will launch powerful console to run Call of Duty


Nintendo will launch powerful console to run Call of Duty

According to some reports on twitter and online, the development of a new generation of Nintendo Switch handhelds may be nearing completion, and it is expected to be released next year.

The European Union recently released detailed documents about Microsoft’s acquisition, which mentioned that after Nintendo and Microsoft signed a 10-year agreement on “Call of Duty,” they hope to “reflect these videogame’s technical requirements on their systems and will release them soon, a more powerful console that will compete with the Microsoft Xbox and Sony PS”.

However, the European Commission needed to provide evidence as to when Nintendo would launch its next-generation console or whether it would have hardware specifications comparable to those of current generations of consoles from Sony and Microsoft. In this regard, Nintendo announced: “Nintendo has officially and broadly confirmed its strategy for continual work on development on numerous events.”


In earlier FTC court records, it was also said that Microsoft anticipates Nintendo to introduce a new Switch game device in coming year. 

Nintendo Switch and COD

According to the CEO of Activision Blizzard, the information performance of Nintendo’s next-generation game console is close to that of Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One. Although it won’t perform as well as the Sony PS4, this new device will still be able to run “Call of Duty.”

Nintendo Chief Shuntaro Furukawa has already dropped hints about the possibility of the next-generation Nintendo Switch, despite the official’s failure to provide any concrete details.

When asked about the Nintendo Switch successor, he said that Nintendo wanted to “make the transition for customers as smooth as possible” from the Nintendo Switch to the successor console, and they planned to use the Nintendo Account System to achieve that goal.
Earlier this year, there were rumors following the release of The Legend of Zelda:
Tears of Kingdoms and Nintendo Switch games will be discounted in preparation for the release of his Switch successor next year.

Nintendo said it was still discussing the “unknown breakthrough”, and IT House included the following concrete response:

  • Future hardware specifications are still under discussion.
  • At this time, there is no guarantee that new hosts will retroactively play Switch games as well.
  • The percentage of downloadable games has increased, but we would like to continue developing game consoles that integrate software and hardware.
  • The Switch is already in his 7th year on the market, but people still think about breaking it. We will continue to do our best in the match.
  • About the resale of new-generation game consoles in the future, it is emphasized that market demand will be met.


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