Motorola’s 200-Megapixel New Machine is Finalized

Motorola X50 Pro

Motorola’s 200-Megapixel New Machine is Finalized

Motorola a mobile phone brand, has been “gearing up” in recent years. It wants to restore its leading position in the mobile phone industry, so we see that it is vigorously deploying in the global market, including the Chinese market and the Indian market. From the perspective of the Chinese market, Motorola has released more and more models, and the pace of updates is getting faster and faster. What’s good is that Motorola has made a move in the direction of cost performance. Even the flagship with high configuration has a relatively low price in China, so it is very popular among users.

Sales have rebounded, and Motorola is also chasing after the victory. Recently, a new Motorola machine was exposed, named Motorola X50 Pro! This flagship will be released in the year’s second half, probably around November. According to the current revelations, the Motorola X50 Pro has a comprehensive and outstanding configuration. For example, the image is also equipped with the largest 200-megapixel system, the shooting clarity is still perfect, and the zoom of this new flagship will reach 60 times. The pixel and zoom capabilities are improved simultaneously, and the shooting experience is much better.

Interestingly, the Motorola X50 Pro has also become a member of the large storage flagship, with a combination of up to 16G+1TB, and the price is 4699 yuan. The cost of mobile phones is more than six or seven thousand to over ten thousand.

Motorola X30 Pro: A total of 1,500 yuan has been dropped for clearance

Now that the new phone is exposed, the old one should start clearing, which is exactly the case with the Motorola X30 Pro. If you can’t wait to buy a new generation of products, there’s nothing wrong with missing the Motorola X30 Pro, which is now ending with a big drop. This flagship has recently lowered the 12G+512G by 500 yuan, and it has already been reduced by 1,000 yuan before, so the total reduction I paid 1,500 yuan, such an opportunity should be noticed.

We have also seen a lot of good configurations on the Motorola X30 Pro. For example, the imaging aspect is the same as the exposed new machine. It has already brought a 200-megapixel super-large pixel main camera. There are few megapixel models, and they all want to control costs. The Motorola X30 Pro not only has a 200-megapixel super-large system but also brings a front-facing 60-megapixel super-large-pixel selfie, which exceeds the 32-megapixel front-end of most mobile phones, and the definition of the selfie is also better. From the actual image experience, the Motorola X30 Pro is not just a superficial parameter. Its 1/1.22-inch outsole sensor brings sufficient light input and supports 50 million pixel output in automatic mode and 200 million in super image quality mode. The photos are cool.

In terms of performance support, it is equipped with a Snapdragon 8+ chip, and the measured AnTuTu running score reached 1.09 million, which is already the performance level of a high-end flagship. The fast charging brings 125W superpower, and it only takes 20 minutes to charge the 4610mAh battery fully. Moreover, the Motorola X30 Pro is already equipped with 50W wireless fast charging, which also has a high-end experience. In addition, the Motorola X30 Pro also brings a 144Hz ultra-high refresh rate screen, dual micro-curved surface design, Dolby Atmos, X-axis linear motor, etc.

The comprehensive configuration does not stretch at all, and now it has been reduced by 1,500 yuan. The 12G+512G of the Motorola X30 Pro is worth buying!

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