Microsoft has made Windows 10 discontinue Cortana Support, which will be run as a separate app.

End of Cortana

Microsoft has made Windows 10 discontinue Cortana Support, which will be run as a separate app.

According to Windows Latest, Microsoft stopped supporting Cortana on Windows 10 with the release of the 4.2308.1005.0 update.

Microsoft has now stopped supporting Windows 10 Cortana, following Win11’s lead.

Microsoft will place a future wager on the Windows 11 digital assistant feature, bolstering Windows Copilot, Microsoft 365 Copilot, Bing Chat, and other apps.

Previously, Microsoft referred to Cortana as a “personal productivity assistant.” However, Microsoft revealed that Cortana would leave the smart home market in 2020 as it switched to AI. It acknowledged it couldn’t compete with Amazon’s Alexa and Siri regarding smart home functionality.

Microsoft replaced Cortana in Windows 11 with several artificial intelligence (AI) products like Microsoft 365, Edge, and Bing. Microsoft, however, does not offer equivalent options for Windows 10 because it has stopped creating new features for the operating system.

Beginning in August 2023, according to Microsoft, the Cortana app for Windows will no longer be supported.

“We’re updating Windows in a way that has implications for Cortana app users. We’ll stop providing standalone support for Cortana in Windows as of August 2023. However, Windows and Edge offer strong productivity tools with improved AI capabilities. This implies that there are still innovative and fun methods to acquire assistance with chores, calendars, and emails. Your productivity assistant Cortana will still be accessible in Outlook mobile, Teams mobile, Microsoft Teams Show Rooms, and Microsoft Teams Meeting Rooms; this change solely applies to Cortana in Windows.

We want to make the transition to the new options as easy for you as possible because we know this change may disrupt some of the ways you work in Windows. Now you may use voice through various tools to suit your productivity needs rather than clicking the Cortana icon and starting the app.”

In Windows 11, voice access: With this brand-new capability in Windows 11, you may voice-control your computer and type text.

You can open and move between programs, browse the web, and read and create emails using voice commands. Voice Access uses cutting-edge voice recognition technology to comprehend speech and assist you in finishing your task while working offline.

The updated Bing Asks complicated inquiries and receives succinct responses from reliable online sources using the new AI-powered Bing. You can voice or type your query into Bing Chat, and it will deliver a clear response citing several reliable sources.

Office 365 Copilot: With this new function, AI transforms your words into effective productivity aids. Copilot integrates data from Microsoft 365, including calendars, emails, chat, documents, and meetings, to assist you with creating, editing, sharing, and other tasks.

Copilot complies with Microsoft’s AI Principles and Responsible AI Standards to ensure secure and private data.

Windows Copilot for Windows 11 delivers centralized AI help and will be in preview in June. You can concentrate on realizing your ideas, accomplishing challenging projects, and cooperating with others rather than looking for, launching, and using numerous applications with Bing chat and first- and third-party plugins.

We’re eager to keep inventing and utilizing AI to make your work more efficient. We hope you like the new ways AI is being used to save time and concentrate on what matters.

Since 2014, Microsoft has offered the virtual personal assistant Cortana. As far as IT Home is aware, this moniker is derived from the AI in the “Halo” video game series. Later, to increase Cortana’s popularity, Microsoft pre-installed it on Windows Phone and Win 10.

Microsoft has now stopped supporting Windows 10 Cortana, following Win11’s lead.

However, due to Microsoft’s strategic shift, Cortana is now integrated into the Microsoft 365 office environment and is progressively unbundled from home computers.


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