iPhone 16 Series Has Been Confirmed With The Huge Improvements

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iPhone 16 Series Has Been Confirmed With The Huge Improvements

Is the iPhone 15 series not fragrant anymore? Just because the iPhone 16 series has been confirmed again, the improvement has been quite large

Compared with domestic mobile phones, the market growth rate of the iPhone in recent years has not been particularly large, and it can even be said to have caused controversy and complaints from many consumers.

On the one hand, the improvement in domestic mobile phones is very large. Whether the outsole lens, the fast charge of 100 watts, or the screen refresh rate, they all have a good experience.

On the other hand, the development of the iPhone itself could be more cohesive, and there is a big difference between the standard version and the Pro version, leading to different choices for consumers.

However, when many fruit fans were looking forward to the iPhone 15 series, the news of the iPhone 16 series came out, and it felt that the former was unsavory.

Because judging from the market news about the iPhone 15 series, there is a big difference between the standard version and the Pro version, and there is also a big difference between the Pro version and the Pro Max version.

For example, in terms of core configuration, there is still a difference between A16 and A17, but the A17 processor has been upgraded to a 3nm process this time, and this difference is still very big.

Although the entire series will adopt the Smart Island design, the standard version may continue to use a 60Hz refresh rate screen, and only the Pro series will be upgraded to a 120Hz refresh rate.

And the iPhone 15 series will all use the USB Type-C interface, but the long-rumored solid-state mute button will be exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro series.

In other words, from the above parameters, the difference between the iPhone 15 series is very large, which will also change a lot for consumers.

So when the breaking news of the iPhone 16 series came out, there was a further improvement in the expected value because some parameters were super forward-looking.

Data shows that Apple has customized a 48-megapixel 1/1.14″ IMX 903 sensor through Sony, larger than the iPhone 14 Pro Max camera.

According to the whistleblower, Apple is considering introducing this set of configurations for next year’s iPhone 16 (Pro) series, including 1/1.14″± super outsole + 1MG + 7P molded glass-plastic module + periscope super telephoto combination.

From the perspective of the lens, the expectations of the iPhone 16 series have greatly surpassed the iPhone 15 series, which is where the expectations of the new machine are very high.

Although the iPhone 15 Pro Max will also use a new periscope zoom lens, it may only be equipped with the highest-end iPhone 15 Pro Max, creating a difference.

And the lens sensors of the iPhone 16 series will become stronger. Even if there is no big difference in taking pictures, the attraction of recording videos is still very strong.

Therefore, when the key parameters of the iPhone 16 series are exposed, the choice may have become clear for users waiting for the party.

In addition, the iPhone 16 series, as new phones, will also be upgraded to the Wi-Fi 7 standard, at which time users will enjoy a faster and more stable network experience.

And the processor is expected to enter the 3nm era in an all-round way. The A17 processor and A18 processor should both come, and the experience will greatly improve.

And the iPhone 16 Pro may have a 6.3-inch display, while the iPhone 16 Pro Max may have a 6.9-inch screen, and the display will be more aggressive.

The key is that the battery capacity may also be increased to accommodate a larger screen size and a higher display effect, and the expected value will naturally be high.

Of course, the expectations of the iPhone 15 series are not low, but most of the key parameters are placed in the Pro series, and the standard and Plus versions may be less attractive.

However, the new iPhone 15 series will adopt a new design, expand battery capacity, and optimize camera quality to promote consumers to achieve better results.

It’s just that the price will increase by 100 to 200 US dollars, which is also one of the key elements that has caused great controversy. This can only be expected to greatly improve the new machine.

Otherwise, consumers may really look forward to the arrival of the iPhone 16 series, and look forward to the changes in many aspects of the new machine.

To sum up the above information, the selling point of the iPhone 16 series is mainly focused on the lens parameters, while the slot point of the iPhone 15 series is that there is a big gap between the standard version and the Pro version.

So, what do you think about it? Let’s talk about it together.

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