iPhone 15 Release Date is Confirmed

iPhone 15 Release Date is Confirmed

With more than two months to go before the iPhone 15 series, there are more and more revelations about this series of new phones.

Because not many users are waiting to get the iPhone 15 series, we could look at the relevant news today. According to the latest revelations, the basic version of the iPhone 15 has undergone major changes this time, and it will be released in mid-September, which may become a sales hit in the second half of the year.

It is reported that this time the iPhone 15 will have a significant improvement in battery life, equipped with a 3877 mAh battery. At the same time, the upgraded version of the iPhone 15 Pro Max will be provided with a 4852mAh super-large battery, which can be called a new generation of “battery.” Why is the new generation of iPhone 15 series increasing the battery? To put it bluntly, this is the need of the times. Who would buy small battery products now? The iPhone’s battery life has been complained about before, and the battery of the Android flagship has been expanded to 5000 mAh, so it is unreasonable if Apple does not improve.

In addition to battery life, this time, the iPhone 15 series is also equipped with an A17 processor, which is built with TSMC’s 3nm process, and its performance is flawless. Regarding storage, the iPhone 15, as the basic version, will bring up to 10G+512G, and the fluency has a new guarantee. This version may become a hit.

The new machine is coming, and another 1050 yuan will reduce the iPhone 14 to end

Since the release of the iPhone 15 series is only two months away, the iPhone 14 series, which has become the previous generation of products, is ending, and the future means a price cut. Fourteen shots are also good; the drop exceeds 1,000 yuan.

Specifically, this time the iPhone 14 has dropped by another 1,050 yuan, and it has dropped by several hundred before, so we see that the drop of this product has indeed exceeded 1,000 yuan. The starting price is less than 5,000, which is about the same as some domestic flagships, but in comparison, the iPhone 14 must have a better user experience.

There is nothing to say. The most mainstream advantage for the iPhone is always fluency, which firmly suppresses Android products. The iPhone 14 is already equipped with IOS 16. After the arrival of the new machine with the new system, we can see that the iPhone 14 series can also be quickly updated to the new system, so there is no need to worry about the fluency of this phone. What about performance? Apple mobile phones need to update chips every year. Still, many people say that the chip performance of Apple mobile phones starting from A12 is enough, and the iPhone 14 is already equipped with a five-core full-blooded version of the A15 processor, so whether you like to play Game or what to do, all aspects are enough!

Moreover, the iPhone 14’s imaging system also includes a movie effect mode, and there is no problem recording movie-level 4K videos. This skill is also very good for users who often make short videos and live broadcasts. Overall, the iPhone 14 still has no obvious shortcomings. After all, the price has been lowered now. Compared with the first batch of users, you can save about 1,500 yuan. Consider picking up the leak.

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