iPhone 15 Pro Will Have Several Upgrades Over iPhone 14 Pro

iPhone 15 Pro Will Have Several Upgrades Over iPhone 14 Pro

According to the latest news, the iPhone 15 Pro will have several upgrades, and these are not available in the standard version, so where are these upgrades? What are the benefits for consumers?


1. The frame is narrowed

Maybe the design effect of using extremely narrow frame + no plastic bracket is really good now, and Apple will also learn from others this time to control it. The screen border of the iPhone 15 Pro version will be narrowed from 2.2mm to 1.5mm, which will become the narrowest iPhone ever. In this way, the weight of the mobile phone will be reduced and the texture will be better.

2. Titanium alloy middle frame

It was revealed a long time ago that there will be an iPhone that uses a titanium alloy middle frame to return in the future. At present, the possibility of the 15 series is very high. The titanium alloy middle frame is not only wear-resistant, has a higher appearance, but also is lighter in weight. At the same time, judging from the exposure picture, although the middle frame is still designed with right-angled edges, the junction of the back cover adopts a similar 2.5D micro-processing, which is expected to improve the hand feel.


3. USB-C interface

The entire iPhone 15 series is basically determined to be equipped with a USB-C interface, and the Pro version will support the relatively new USB 3.0, so that the transmission speed is faster.

4. Step-up A17 chip

Previously, the A14, A15, and A16 all used TSMC’s 5nm process. This time, the A17 jumped directly to TSMC’s 3n, which can be described as a leap in performance. promote.

5. Image upgrade

The image upgrade this time is mainly around the telephoto lens. The iPhone 15 Pro version may still use the 48-megapixel lens of the original 14 Pro, and the sensor remains unchanged. According to other reports, the 15 Pro Max will use the periscope lens system for the first time, supporting 5x or 6x optical zoom.

As for the upgrade of the main camera, the iPhone 15 Pro version may adopt a larger aperture design, allowing even the same sensor to obtain a 15-20% increase in the amount of incoming light.


6. WiFi 6E

This upgrade may not attract much attention, but it is exclusive to the Pro version. WiFi 6E is an IEEE 802.11ax- basedThe standard WiFi technology can extend the wired network coverage to the 6GHz frequency band, the network speed can reach up to 10.53Gbps, and it can also reduce delay and improve network stability.

7. Operation buttons

Added a new operation button to replace the silent opening, and the operation of multiple applications has changed.

What do you think will happen to the iPhone 15 series compared to the 14?

Of course, to pave the way for the emergence of iphone 15, the iPhone 14 pro series has also started to offer discounts, and you can get pro max for more than 8,000 yuan, which is a very good opportunity to start a mobile phone.

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