iPhone 15 Pro Max High-Profile Announcement

iPhone 15 Pro Max High-Profile Announcement

Presumably, everyone has more or less heard the news about the new iPhone 15 series recently. As the most concerned new product in the mobile phone market in the second half of the year, the iPhone 15 series is indeed not low. We also collected and compared some configuration revelations, so why not come and chat with you today.

What attracts more attention from users is the price. Everyone knows that the iPhone is getting more and more expensive at the release price. Many people are tightening their belts to buy a new iPhone. The product that ushered in a price increase in the iPhone 15 series this time is the King Edition iPhone 15 Pro Max. It is reported that this King will be equipped with a 10G+1TB large storage combination. The release price is set at 13,899 yuan, which is 400 yuan more expensive than the 1TB of the previous generation. To be honest, it is impossible for ordinary users to consider iPhone 15 Pro Max, they will only choose iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 Plus, which is exactly what people say that the iPhone does not trap the poor.

In addition to the large storage price, other aspects of the iPhone 15 Pro Max also have some revelations, such as the fact that the processor continues to be equipped with a 4nm process, which is a bit disappointing. The image maintains 48 million pixels, and the movie effect mode continues to outshine others. There is also a big surprise, that is, the iPhone 15 Pro Max has made great strides in battery life and fast charging, with a 4800mAh+40W fast charging combination. So far, in fact, we have seen that the previous shortcomings of the iPhone are becoming less and less obvious, and it is equal to a perfect high-end machine.

iPhone 14 Pro Max: 1900 yuan has been dropped to make way

Seeing that September is less than two months away, for the iPhone 14 series, it is now time to start finishing. In this context, we have seen that the super-large iPhone 14 Pro Max has also actively lowered the price, specifically by 1900 yuan. To be honest, if you want to buy the best Apple mobile phone now, you have no problem starting with the reduced price iPhone 14 Pro Max.

We see that iPhone 14 Pro Max is an impeccable representative. The processor is A16 4nm high-tech, which represents the best performance in the mobile phone industry. With such a processor blessing, iPhone 14 Pro Max can still run smoothly even after five or six years. And as a relatively new iPhone, even if it is updated to the latest iOS system in the next five or six years, there is no need to worry about the freeze problem at all. The better thing is that we see that the iPhone 14 Pro Max already has a large battery of 4323mAh, which has ended the era of evaluating mobile phone batteries that do not exceed 4000mAh, and can also last a whole day when fully charged.

Moreover, the iPhone 14 Pro Max is already a novel smart island design, which changes the appearance of Liu Haiping and improves the recognition. The iPhone 14 Pro Max is meticulous in the video, and it launched with 48 million pixels. With the perfect optimization capability, the movie effect mode is even more powerful. To put it bluntly, the best mobile phone for short videos and live broadcasts is the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Media users will find out.

The King of Machines version of iPhone 14 Pro Max also has the best IP68 waterproof and the best original color display. In short, the good reputation of Apple mobile phones is supported by strength. If the user experience is not good, people will not pay so much money to buy this product. In this year’s June 18th, iPhone 14 Pro Max is the top three products in single product sales. Good things everyone I really like all of them, but now the starting price is lower and more cost-effective!

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