Huawei Mate 60 will also use Smart Island display

Huawei Mate 60 will also use Smart Island display

1. Huawei Mate 60 is fully exposed, Hongmeng 4.0 Smart Island, fully benchmarked against iPhone15

Huawei is about to release its annual flagship model Mate 60 series from September to October this year , which also means that the machine has entered the trial production or mass production stage. As the release date approaches, more revelations about Mate 60 are gradually increasing, and we have a preliminary understanding of the overall picture of the phone. The most anticipated thing is that Mate60 will be equipped with a new generation of Hongmeng Harmony OS4.0 system, which is also an important step for Huawei to continue to promote its own operating system. At the same time, Huawei has pushed the developer beta version of Hongmeng 4.0 to the Mate40 series, P50 series and other models, allowing many users to feel the charm of the new system in advance.

Hongmeng 4.0 has been greatly upgraded in terms of interactive animation effects , improved some UI interfaces, and has been widely praised by users. For example, during multi-screen collaborative operation, a capsule-shaped icon will appear at the top of the screen, which can also show an extremely smooth motion effect when pulled down , bringing users a brand new control experience. This further confirms the rumors of the central pill screen of the Huawei Mate60 series. The Huawei Mate series has been switching designs between the pill screen and Liu Haiping, and this time the innovation is to move the pill screen to the middle position. The new dynamic effect brought by Hongmeng 4.0 should be to better match the interactive mode of the pill screen. Compared with Apple ‘s Smart Island, Huawei ‘s design occupies a smaller screen area. The pill punch of the Mate60 series has a built-in front wide-angle lens and a 3DTof camera, so the machine still supports 3D face recognition. In addition, the changes in the front design are also reflected in the frame, which will adopt an extremely narrow four-sided design, which is expected to bring about a significant increase in screen-to-body ratio. In terms of screen form, the basic model Mate60 is expected to still adopt a pure straight screen design, while the Pro and RS versions will use curved screens.

On the back of the fuselage, Mate60 still continues Huawei’s iconic large circular camera module design, with four built-in rear lenses arranged in a square. According to the renderings that have been exposed, the colors of the Mate60 series will include silver and purple, and the overall look is very refined and stylish. Regarding the core configuration, it is currently reported that the Mate 60 series will not launch a version equipped with Snapdragon Gen2. Considering the time, it is too late to use the Snapdragon 8 Gen3 chip, so it is likely to be equipped with the Snapdragon 8 chip. If the aggressive scheduling and high refresh strategy of the Huawei P 60 series can be continued , the performance problems in daily use will not be too big. In addition, Mate60 will also support up to 88W wired fast charging technology, and the two-way satellite communication function will continue to be supported.

Mate 60 Smart Island

In terms of imaging, the main camera of the Mate 60 is expected to be equipped with a Sony IMX989 50-megapixel ultra-outsole sensor that supports a 10x variable aperture. The ultra-wide-angle lens and periscope telephoto lens are expected to use IMX680 and OV64B sensors, respectively. In addition, Huawei’s own imaging brand XMAGE will also usher in version 2.0. It is believed that based on the excellent hardware configuration, the imaging performance of Mate60 will be even more outstanding. Finally, the 5G function that attracts people’s attention. There are rumors that Huawei will adopt SMIC’s 5G solution. Combined with the promotional copy of Huawei Mall, “5G Era, Huawei 5G New Products in Huawei Mall “, the possibility of returning to 5G is very high. big. The biggest shortcoming of Huawei ‘s flagship models so far is the lack of 5G functions. If Mate60 can return this time and the supply is stable, it will have a certain degree of competitiveness against the iPhone 15 series.

Looking forward to Huawei Mate60: the latest pinnacle of Huawei Honor series
As the annual flagship model of Huawei Honor, Huawei Mate 60 series is highly anticipated by consumers. Each generation of Huawei Mate series has led the industry trend in terms of appearance design, system performance and imaging functions, and Mate60 , as a new masterpiece, has naturally attracted widespread attention.

Judging from the information that has been exposed, the design of Mate 60 has changed a lot. It will adopt the design of the center pill screen, which makes the screen ratio higher and the visual effect more shocking. In terms of interaction, Hongmeng 4.0 brings more agile dynamic effects and silky operating experience, allowing users to feel more comfortable and smooth in use. In addition, Mate60 adopts a narrow bezel design, which further increases the screen-to-body ratio, allowing users to enjoy a more immersive visual experience.

In terms of core configuration, Mate 60 is expected to be equipped with the Snapdragon 8 chip, which ensures the excellent performance and smoothness of the phone . In addition, Mate60 is also equipped with Huawei’s iconic large circular camera module, which has built-in multiple high-pixel cameras and has excellent performance in shooting functions. In particular , the main camera equipped with a Sony IMX989 50-megapixel super-outsole sensor can easily capture more details and textures, making photos clearer and more realistic. With Huawei’s own imaging brand XMAGE 2.0 version, Mate 60 ‘s camera performance will be improved to a higher level.

In addition, Mate60 also supports two-way satellite communication function, allowing users to maintain network connections in a wider range of scenarios. In addition, the wired fast charging technology of up to 88W allows users to charge their mobile phones faster , solving battery life anxiety in daily use. The addition of the Hongmeng 4.0 system brings users a smarter and more user-friendly mobile phone experience.

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