Who is Etrigan, and Here is How Constantine 2 Can Introduce Etrigan?

 Who is Etrigan, and Here is How Constantine 2 Can Introduce Etrigan?

The upcoming Constantine 2 movie is alive, and here is how The Demon Etrigan can be introduced in the sequel.

The first movie was released in 2005, and fans have wanted a sequel since then. It has been 18 years, almost two decades, but with recent news on the sequel, it has been confirmed that the sequel is actively developing precisely on the story building. The first movie was directed by Francis Lawrence starring Keanu Reeves as John Constantine, a chain-smoking, lung cancer detective and an exorcist. It is still in the early stage but, indeed, will happen.

Jack Kirby first created Etrigan. Etrigan is an immortal demon with a soul bound to Jason Blood during a battle with Destiny. Merlin himself performed this transfusion. Etrigan is a highly skilled warrior, a master of the sword; he even carries a Mystical sword and can summon it at will. His powers include:

  • Demonic Psychic
  • Superhuman strength (rivals Wonder Women)
  • Projects Hellfire
  • Immortality
  • Can Teleport
  • Invulnerable (to bullets, superhuman attacks, magicians)

Demon King Trigon

Is Etrigan related to Trigon?

Etrigan is the son of Belial, the son of Demon King Trigon, which makes him the grandson of Trigon and Raven. From the bloodline of Trigon, he is the half-brother of the Magician Merlin and the Lord Scapegoat.

How can Constantine 2 introduce Etrigan the Demon?

Etrigan is a popular character in DC Comics and has a vast history with the underworld. Many fans would want the Etrigan revival in the sequel.

In Constantine 2, Etrigan could be introduced as a critical player needing John Constantine’s help to stop a greater evil. This can allow one to explore the complex relationship between John and Etrigan along the journey. Etrigan, being violent and unpredictable, is willing to help John, and their dynamics can be explored this way.

Another way to introduce him as making Etrigan a powerful force which threatens to take over the world with John as Hellblazer, stopping him.

Let us hope the movie gets true to the character’s background and motivations, just like in the comics.

Who would win in a fight between John Constantine and Etrigan?

It is difficult to predict what will happen when both fight; it depends on the context, such as abilities and tactics. It should be noted that John Constantine has defeated superior demons than Etrigan.

Etrigan has greater raw power, strength and magic abilities than Constantine. However, Constantine, on the other hand, has superior knowledge of the arcane and cunning wit, making him defeat the enemies. Moreover, Etrigan being bound to Jason Blood can limit his abilities and make him vulnerable to Constantine’s manipulation.

In a 1v1 battle, John cannot do good well against Etrigan, an immortal being. However, we think Constantine can outwit him with knowledge and tricks.

Etrigan and John’s Trivia?

Constantine and Etrigan have found themselves in opposition to each other. If we compare, Etrigan’s s violent nature is at odds with John’s desire to manipulate. However, in many circumstances, they have been working together.

One issue is the ‘Kingdom Come’ story, where Constantine and Etrigan work together to stop an entity known as Kingdom which threatens to take over the world. Another is the ‘Black Diamond Prophecy’ comic line, where John retrieves an artefact known as Black Diamond. In this story, Etrigan is also looking for the same artefact. This initializes hostility between Etrigan and John. Nevertheless, both eventually came to work with each other.

Other powerful Villains of John Constantine?

While John has faced many evil entities ranging from demons to corrupt politicians. The top 10 powerful villains of John can be:

  1. Nergal
    The main antagonist of the 2005 john Constantine film.
  2. Papa Midnite
    The voodoo priest, a rival to John.
  3. The Fist of the Fallen
    An ancient and powerful demon.
  4. Lucifer Morningstar
    The devil himself is a recurring villain of John.
  5. Zatara
    Powerful magician and a formidable opponent of Hellblazer.
  6. Azazel
    Demon prince, manipulator, controller of other demons.
  7. The Spectre
    The entity of judgement and retribution.
  8. The Brujeria
    Dangerous cult of witches using the power of dark magic and sacrifices.
  9. Etrigan The Demon
    Powerful and violent demon, a force of darkness.
  10. The Hellblazer
    A dark reflection of John Constantine himself.

Update on Constantine 2 Film ?

Keanu loved the character of Constantine and kept asking the studio for more and more. This continuous bargaining with the WB studio made them greenlit the sequel of the movie. In an interview he says:

“I don’t know if it was unfinished business but it was definitely a role that I loved. And I though And that Francis Lawrence, the director, did such amazing work. I loved playing that character, and I really enjoyed the film. I was like, [adopts Oliver Twist voice] ‘Can I please have some more?'”

Then Reeves began regular meetings with the WB and kept saying:

“I kept asking almost every year. I’d be like, ‘Can I please?’ [and] they’d be like, ‘No, no!'”

This struggle made the studio realize the sequel we all been waiting for. And currently according to Keanu “just starting to try and put a story together.”


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