Honor 100 Pro Series Specs are Confirmed

honor 100 pro

Honor 100 Pro Series Specs are Confirmed

Honor 100 Pro Series Specs are Confirmed

“Machine Sea Tactic” is the favorite of domestic mobile phone manufacturers because domestic mobile phones are of high quality and low price. Hence, keeping new phones updated is conducive to continuously attracting users. Like Xiaomi OV Glory, etc., are common users of machine sea tactics. Every year, these brands release hundreds of new phones, surpassing Samsung and iPhone.

Among the four major brands of Xiaomi OV Honor, Honor is quite special because it has experienced the ban’s impact as a sub-brand of Huawei. The better thing is that after more than two years of recovery, Honor’s machine sea tactics have been completely used again. In Honor, there has been a model with two updates a year: the Honor Digital series. This year, the Honor 90 series has been released and has also gained a high reputation among products at the same price. According to the principle of two updates, the Honor 100 series will be released in the second half of the year. Still going online. Recently, this series’s upgraded version of Honor 100 Pro has begun to be exposed, and the core configuration is exciting.

According to the revelations, the storage of the Honor 100 Pro is very prominent this time. It is confirmed that an 18G+1024G version was born. Because the storage is too large, the GPU operation it brings is too easy, and the fluency can be maintained for at least five years, and there are five years. Card experience, who doesn’t like such a product? Moreover, the Honor 100 Pro will use the second-generation Snapdragon 8 on the processor, and its performance is very stable. The 60x zoom experience is maintained on the image, and the battery life is fast charged to 5000mAh+100W, which is simply perfect.

Honor 90: 16G+512G drops to 2600 yuan

Since the Honor 100 series will be released in the second half of the year, it may be around the end of the year, so we still have to wait for four or five months. For friends who are about to replace it now, it is naturally impossible to stay. It is better than the price of the Honor 90 series just dropped recently. So it is worth recommending to everyone. Specifically, the 16G+512G of Honor 90 is now reduced to 2600 yuan. There is no doubt that this product is worth buying at this price.

The digital series continues to be popular because it is equipped with flagship-level configurations in the 2,000-level price range. For example, regarding imaging, the Honor 90 brings a 200-megapixel photo camera. It is less than 64 million, and even a 108 million-pixel main camera is rare, but I did not expect that the Honor 90 would bring 200 million pixels this time. With such a large pixel as a support, are you afraid that the Honor 90 will not be able to take pictures?

In addition, the Honor 90 also brings a full series of 5000mAh large batteries, 66W super-fast charging, and is equipped with the first-generation Snapdragon 7 enhanced chip. Because the hardware configuration is not bad, the overall experience is not bad. The screen and exterior design are also excellent. For the first time, Honor 90 adopts 3840Hz high-frequency PWM dimming, which is the best eye protection effect. The overall experience is really good.

Honor 90 Pro: 16G+512G only 3899

Of course, some friends may still feel that the configuration of the Honor 90 is not enough, so the upgraded version of the Honor 90 Pro may completely conquer you. This upgraded version of the flagship 16G+512G is only 3899 yuan, and the price is still more conscientious than most high-end phones.

As for the core processor, the Honor 90 Pro has switched to the Snapdragon 8+ flagship core, and performance is the best guarantee. In terms of imaging, the Honor 90 Pro has 200 million pixels and a 32 million telephoto lens, so it achieves a 50x digital zoom. This is the first time the Honor digital series has reached such a good zoom effect. Moreover, the Honor 90 Pro is also extremely perfect in battery life and fast charging. The 5000mAh large battery + 100W super fast charging can be fully charged within 25 minutes, which is also the best combination in the Honor brand. As an upgraded version, the Honor 90 Pro has not weakened in some detailed configurations, such as a full-range global cooling system, dual stereo speakers, and full-scene NFC. It is more comprehensive, but the price is more expensive than the Honor 90. Around 1200!

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