Google to Ban Android Phones Supply to Russia: Reportedly

 Google to Ban Android Phones Supply to Russia: Reportedly

A new report has emerged online from a known analyst Eldar Murtazin (via Telegram channel) claiming that Google will not license Android OS to mobile manufacturers in Russia any further. And this may lead to a ban sustained by Google for the supply of android phones to Russia.

At this present moment, other than Google there are several manufacturers available in Russia which are retailing their phones with the Android OS. But those phones are not in high demand. There might come a moment in the future when Google would ban the Russian devices to run the Google services as it was already done with Huawei and the world has witnessed how the biggest tech giant mobile market took a fall off a cliff.

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Eldar Murtazin on 23rd March 2022 reported that Google has begun to close the projects running in Russian companies, relieving the company products from using Google Mobile Services (GMS). It’s just a start but Eldar has projected that Google can put a ban on the supply or sale of Android phones in Russia.

US Vs Russia May Result in Disturbance in Supply of Android Phones to Russia

Let the time put some light on the issue. The US has taken some serious measures to defy Russia. On 25th March, the Commerce Dept. of Russia further clarified the restrictions on the export of smartphones and others to the Russian market. If this ban is put in effect, there might be a rise in the black market growth in Russia.

Although there has been pressure put on the Chinese companies as well. According to the US Secretary of Commerce names Gina Raimondo, if China further supplies semiconductors to Russia, there will be an ‘absolutely’ a hit from the US on China. The US is expecting China to put a block on the technologies transfer.

Gina Raimondo further called the name of the Chinese biggest semiconductor company SMIC and said that it would not make any cryptic statements and the message is loud & clear.


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