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Google Pixel 6A Retail Box Leaks Showing Pixel 6A Confirmed Design

Let’s talk about google pixel 6A. with the pixel 6 being a king of soft reset for series naturally, there’s a lot of speculation that the next series pixel will also look and act a little differently from the Pixel 4a and the 5a and turns out that’s pretty much what we are gonna get a smaller cut-down pixel 6. But there is much more to say about the next google phones.

Hardware: pixel 6a will use the same powerful google tensor processor as the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro As first reported by 9to5 Google. We have confirmed this information with our own sources so this is more than just a rumor but is happening. Now tensor might seem like overkill for a phone like the 6a which will probably resell for around the $450 Mark. Actually makes a lot of sense if you think about it. It lets google the same snazzy machine learning power features on a cheaper pixel bringing some heat to the mid-range competition. It is also a big deal because it will let google offer software update support for just as long as the Pixel 6 and 6 pros. Which will be security patches until at least late 2026.

Meanwhile, Google can still differentiate more expensive pixels through things like camera hardware and display. This leads us to the camera hardware and the displays. So based on the leaked Pixel 6a Retail Box, The phone will feature a 6.2 inch OLED full HD plus resolution. according to sources, we are also hearing that it will be a 60Hz panel as opposed to the smoother 90Hz of the cheaper regular pixel 6. That is a bit of a downer but not the end of the world. Not totally unexpected given the price point we are talking about here. Like the camera, it’s probably not too much of a surprise to hear pixel 6a will miss out on the more advanced camera hardware of the standard pixel 6.

It confirmed with their own sources that the 6a cameras are basically pixel 5 level which corroborates information from code digging by 9 to 5 google in recent weeks. So think 12MP main camera + a 16MP ultra-wide with no telephoto to speak of. But remember Google can do an awful lot with less powerful camera hardware and the presence of tensor, in particular, is a big deal when it comes to things like motion mode 4k video. Even with a pair of sensors that are far from cutting edge, I think we could be surprised by what pixel 6a is able to do in terms of photos video, and AI-Powered imaging features.

Design: The design pretty much looks like just a smaller pixel 6. Leaked retail box images showed us exactly what it’s going to look like. As you can see design-wise there is not really much in it the most noteworthy thing here is that Google is finally getting rid of the 3.4-millimeter headphone jack. Which is been with the pixel a series since the very beginning. Otherwise, you have got a flat display with a hole punch selfie camera with bezels. in roughly the same proportions as pixel 6, you will get an in-screen fingerprint and a similar bar around the camera module.

We will see actual images and phones in the coming event Google I/O Soon. So we have to wait until the release.


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