Good news from iPhone 15 Pro Max

Good news from iPhone 15 Pro Max

If a person likes a new machine very much like iPhone 15 Pro, he will pay more attention to the first batch of stock when the new machine is launched. If the stock is high, it means that it can be bought with confidence, but if the stock is not high, it means He may not be able to buy the first batch of spot goods and needs to wait longer. Every year after the new iPhone goes online, many people will be concerned about the first batch of stock. In order to grab the latest iPhone, they even queue up to make an appointment very early. This fully demonstrates everyone’s love for the new iPhone.

iPhone 15 Pro Max

It is now August, and the release time of the iPhone 15 series is getting closer and closer, and many people are paying attention to the stocking volume of this new machine series. From the perspective of popularity, everyone is more concerned about how many first batches of iPhone 15 Pro Max are in stock, because as the best representative of this series, all aspects of configuration perfectly meet the needs of users, so many people are ready to start with the money. According to the breaking news, it is learned from supply chain manufacturers that the first batch of iPhone 15 Pro Max stockings is about 4 million units, and the entire iPhone 15 series is about 10 million units in stock. I really have to admire Apple’s supply chain, which is better than any Android manufacturers are all good.

Since the stock is relatively sufficient, users who like iPhone 15 Pro Max don’t need to worry about not being able to grab the first batch of stocks. In terms of configuration, the iPhone 15 Pro Max also has some revelations. For example, the processor is upgraded to A17, and TSMC’s 4nm process is still used, and the performance is sufficient. The system has been upgraded to iOS17, and the fluency has never been lowered. The battery may increase to 4800mAh. The most important thing is that the price of the iPhone 15 ProMax will not increase this time, which is similar to the previous release price.

iPhone 14 Pro Max: 1900 yuan has been reduced

The better thing is that because the new phone is about to go online, as a product released last year, we have seen that the iPhone 14 Pro Max has begun to drop dramatically. For friends with insufficient budget, it is not recommended to wait for an expensive new machine. This time the iPhone 14 Pro Max has been reduced by about 1900 yuan, which is already relatively cost-effective, and you can take the opportunity to pick up the leak.


To be honest, as the king of iPhone products, we have seen that the iPhone 14 Pro Max already has a powerful enough configuration to support a good user experience. For example, it has increased the main camera to 48 million pixels, which is the largest iPhone ever. Movie effect mode, etc. It can be said that this product is the most suitable for short video creation and live broadcasting. It has ultra-high definition and depth of field blur effects that other mobile phones do not have.


iPhone14 Pro Max also has the largest size of the brand, that is, the 6.7-inch OLED true-color display, which has a very high resolution and is very comfortable to watch. In terms of performance, the iPhone 14ProMax is also equipped with a 4nm foundry A16 chip, which can last for many years. This product already has the best battery life of the brand. After all, it is a 4323mAh high-spec blessing, and the 4nm process consumes less power. , so the overall battery life is longer. The key is that in terms of appearance, the iPhone 14 Pro Max has already used the Smart Island, so it is very novel.


iPhone 14 Pro: also dropped by 1700 yuan

Compared with the release price, we also know that the iPhone 14 Pro has been reduced by about 1,700 yuan, and it is also an excellent model that can be bought.


Compared with iPhone14 Pro Max, insiders know that their core configurations are actually almost the same, but the two places are very different. The first is in terms of size. The iPhone 14 Pro focuses on a small screen experience, so it is 6.1 inches, which is not as big as the 6.7 inches of the iPhone 14ProMax. The second is in terms of battery life. So if you prefer a phone with a large screen and a large battery, it would be more appropriate to choose iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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