Galaxy S24 Ultra May Feature 65W Charging

Galaxy S24 Ultra

Galaxy S24 Ultra May Feature 65W Charging

Samsung Galaxy S24 has taken a conservative approach to equipping its smartphones with fast charging support. Although some smartphone manufacturers of domestic brands have broken through the 200W charging limit, the flagship product of this Korean company has always been 25W. It is estimated that it was deeply affected by the explosion of the Note7 battery, so it has not adopted fast charging.

For Samsung smartphones, the fastest charging is the 45W quick charge that debuted with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ in 2019. Since then, it’s been the most rapid charging standard for Samsung phones, but it’s usually only available on the best flagship phones like the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

After many years, Samsung has finally “opened up,” and Samsung is finally moving towards 65W charging, thanks to stacked battery technology. The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra may feature this technology if all goes well. What is stacked battery technology?

Stacked battery technology refers to a new method of designing and arranging multiple batteries compactly and efficiently. Unlike traditional battery packs, where cells are placed side by side, stacking technology stacks individual cells vertically together more efficiently with more space.

This innovative design can increase energy density and capacity in a smaller footprint. It suits various applications, including electric vehicles, portable electronics, and renewable energy storage systems. This technology provides stronger power output, longer working time, and improves overall performance.

Samsung has borrowed the stacked battery technology common in electric vehicles. The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and Galaxy S24+ will use stacked batteries, according to @RGCloudS. Everything depends on the supply chain. Currently, Samsung Electronics is testing with batteries produced in a Chinese factory, while the Cheonan factory is waiting for the arrival of production equipment.

This is an interesting development for both Samsung and the smartphone industry. While most brands are increasing the charging rate of current battery technology, Samsung wants to explore alternatives. Stacked battery technology brings the benefit of faster charging.

Using this technology, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra can charge up to 65W, which is 20W faster than the Galaxy S23 Ultra (45W). The phone will also come with a 5,000mAh battery so that Samsung won’t be sacrificing battery capacity for speed.

While next year’s 65W charging sounds promising, there’s still a chance it won’t happen. If the production capacity cannot meet the needs of the entire Samsung Galaxy S24 series, Samsung Electronics may still choose 25W charging on the Galaxy S24.

Next year’s flagship will also be a nice push for the stacked battery technology that will eventually find its way into Samsung’s foldable smartphones. For now, we can only wait.

So is stacked battery technology reliable when applied to mobile phones?

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