Galaxy A32 5G vs Galaxy A33 5G: Big Differences

 Galaxy A32 5G vs Galaxy A33 5G: Big Differences

The new Galaxy A33 5G is the latest phone in the Galaxy A series launched yesterday online with Galaxy A53 5G and Galaxy A73 5G. So, it’s about time to point out the big differences between the current A33 5G and the previous A32 5G. How the new phone has improvised. Let’s dig it.

Galaxy A32 5G vs Galaxy A33 5G
Galaxy A33 5G

The Good About the New Galaxy A33 5G

1.    The best display of the A30s series featuring FHD+ Super AMOLED

The new Galaxy A33 5G has a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED FHD+ display panel which is the best of all A30s series. The previous Galaxy A32 5G had an HD 720p display with a TFT display, not even an IPS LCD, an outdated display.

The new phone display is a much brighter display with 411 PPI density showing vivid colors and a clearer panel. This drastically improves the quality and the experience here.

The display panel dimensions are the same as both have a tear-drop display which is distasteful in the year 2022 where some mid-range phones with lower prices retail punch-hole displays like the latest Xiaomi Redmi Note 11. The refresh rate is the same on both devices of 90 Hz.

Samsung Galaxy A33 5G VS Samsung Galaxy A53 5G Display
Samsung Galaxy A33 5G VS Samsung Galaxy A53 5G Display

2.    The newer and faster 5nm chipset: Exynos 1280

The new phone has a new Exynos 1280 chipset by Samsung with better benchmark scores, performance, speed, and power. Please note that the same chipset is being used in the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G which is much more expensive than the A33 5G. The earlier A32 5G has a Dimensity 720 chipset based on a 7nm design.

The Exynos 1280 is a solid chipset serving good power to play most of the applications and games. But the chip can stumble to run heavy games on Max settings. Yet the phones offer a good price for a solid processor.

3.    Better RAM and Storage

The new phone has two variants with 6/128GB (the basic variant) and 8/256GB RAM and storage. The basic variant has a price of $399 in the US. You can go for the 8/256GB variant for more power utilization. Both the phones supported micro-SD card support up to 1TB.

The A32 5G also had two variants with 4/64GB and 8/128GB. The basic variant of 4/64GB had a price of $279.

4.    Four Years of Android OS Updates

Samsung has announced that these phones in A series will get four years of Android OS updates and five years of security updates and that’s insane. The same policy was announced for 2021 and 2022 Galaxy S flagships. That means the phone will be originally on Android 12, One UI 4.1, and will update till Android 6 and One UI 7.

5.    Light-weight and Thinner Phone with Dust and Water Resistance IP67

The phone is now thinner and lighter than the Samsung A32 5G making it so much better in the handhold. The new A33 has a thickness of 8.1mm and a weight of 186g while the older A32 5G had a thickness of 9.1mm and a weight of 205g. The lower the better.

You get the same Gorilla Glass 5 on the front and backside. The new phone has now an IP67 rating which is water and dust resistant. Much better for this price range.

The Bad About the New Galaxy A33 5G

6.    25W Super-Fast Charging but there is a downside!

The new phone supports 25W super-fast charging which is epic but the downside to this is that Samsung will not include any charger inside the box which is just bad following its sustainable green policy. Now you have to buy the charger separately or use the one you already own.

This is disappointing in a whole lot of ways that negate the fact the phone is inside affordable mid-range prices where you can’t hold yourself to the end of the bargain from the necessary accessories. So, unless or until you own a 25W charger you can’t use the phone’s full ability.

7.    Headphone Jack is Ditched Now

We knew this day would eventually come when Samsung will ditch the headphone jack from the mid-range Galaxy A series. Smartphones have been changed a lot from feature sets to specs and build. The loss of the headphone jack hits the hardest of all. With the new Galaxy phone, there is no headphone jack, and it’s not pleasing.

Galaxy A33 5G Specs Sheet
Galaxy A33 5G Specs Sheet

The Verdict

Still, the Galaxy A33 5G is a solid phone with a solid price for mid-range phones in the market. It has the potential to negate and beat out other phones in the market. Let us see how the reviews come in w upon the launch of the phones globally.


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