Do You Want To Rent a New iPhone On Monthly Basis?

 Do You Want To Rent a New iPhone On Monthly Basis?

Good news for all Apple users around the world. According to rumors, some news is traveling on different blogs that Apple is going to start a different subscription service for iPhone users. You can rent your favorite iPhone every month. Users will pay monthly “Decided Fee” by apple to rent any iPhone or tablet. This is going to be the world’s first rental subscription plan for a tech company. This has never happened before in the history of the tech community. This is going to be the best service for the users who want to try apple products the first time. They just don’t need to pay the whole price for Apple devices. They will just pay the monthly fee to try Apple products if they are going to switch from android or other software experiences.

At the moment all companies have an installment plan including Apple, in which you pay a monthly fee for any smartphone. The installment plan costs more than the actual price of the phone. Some rumors claim that apple hardware subscription is currently under work, some kind of testing is undergoing. Hopefully at the end of this year or before we will hear good news from Apple. If the company implements this plan for users, then Apple will generate more revenue in the future.

The greatest difference between installment plans and this subscription service is that users can enjoy new and different devices according to their choices during the time. They will not stick with the monthly fee of the same device and experience which he must have to pay 1 or 2 years and the user cannot change the agreement until he completed his installments. So, in this scenario, it will be more convenient for users to replace new equipment every month or year.

Renting An iPhone is a Good Idea?

Many people do not own an iPhone because they are very expensive. So, with these services that Apple will introduce soon, people will have the opportunity to test an iPhone for a whole month. This will give them an idea of whether they should buy an Apple device or not.

What do you think about this service by Apple? Will this service make Apple devices accessible to more customers who cannot afford them?

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