Call of Duty servers for Nintendo Wii and 3DS are now permanently down

Call of Duty servers for Nintendo Wii and 3DS are now permanently down

Recently, the Twitter account “CharlieIntel” reported that the servers on the Nintendo Wii and 3DS consoles of “Call of Duty” are now permanently shut down.

Call of Duty is Permanently Down, confirmed by spokesperson from Activision!

According to CharlieIntel on Twitter, the classic game online functionality on Wii and 3DS appears broken. Although honestly, not many players play on these consoles, if you try to play Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare or Call of Duty 5: World at War multiplayer games on these consoles now, you will be hit A message that the server is “down.”

Neither Nintendo nor Activision had previously warned of this happening.

We can only hope that not too many game players on the two Nintendo systems were caught off guard, as neither Activision nor Nintendo gave any prior notice that this would be the case. We’ll hedge our bets here and say that in 2023, there were probably not many people using the Wii and 3DS to play Call of Duty games.

When queried by GamesRadar+, an Activision spokesperson said: “The Nintendo Wi-Fi Connect server, which provides some online functionality for many Wii, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo DSi software games, is currently discontinued.” The game network was consequently permanently powered off as a result.

The reason for the game’s servers coming back online unexpectedly was never made apparent. The Federal Trade Commission’s unsuccessful attempt to stop Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard was one notion, although neither party ever confirmed it. If today’s news is any indication, you should play more of your older online games while you still have the chance.


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