Apple Will Help Foldable Phone Shipments Reach 100 Million Units By 2027

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Apple Will Help Foldable Phone Shipments Reach 100 Million Units By 2027

according to the latest report from market intelligence company Counterpoint Research, Apple’s launch of the foldable iPhone may be delayed until 2025 , when the smartphone market will usher in explosive growth, with annual sales It is expected to reach 100 million units.

Foldable mobile phones can provide a larger display area in a smaller form factor. Currently, Samsung is the leader in this field. Apple has always taken a wait-and-see attitude, not rushing to launch its own foldable mobile phone, but waiting for the technology to mature and the market to mature. Demand is stable. Apple has adopted a similar strategy in the past. For example, in the fields of smart watches and tablet computers, it only launched its own improved products after other manufacturers took the lead, and achieved great success in the follow-up.

As early as 2021, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that Apple may launch its first foldable iPhone in 2023, but this also depends on whether Apple can solve technical problems by then. Display analyst Ross Young also backed that view, saying 2025 is a more likely date. So far, it looks like we’ll see a foldable iPhone sooner or later, albeit a very expensive one. People in the industry generally believe that Apple will launch a foldable iPad first, and it may be listed next year.

Counterpoint Research also believes that 2025 is the year Apple will launch a foldable iPhone , and based on this prediction, it has produced a market forecast report showing that Apple will help foldable smartphone shipments reach 100 million units in 2027. (The color distinction is not very obvious in the picture, but Apple is the larger dark gray area starting in 2025.)

On that basis, Counterpoint says, foldable phones will account for 21 percent of the premium smartphone market (phones priced over $600) in 2025 and 39 percent in 2027. This means that within two years after Apple enters the market, the foldable mobile phone market will reach 10 billion US dollars (IT Home Note: currently about 71.5 billion yuan). The agency predicts that Samsung will remain the biggest player, likely due to its multiple foldable phone offerings, while Apple will also rapidly gain market share.

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