Apple is working on a iPhone with ‘zero’ bezels

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Apple is working on a iPhone with ‘zero’ bezels

The world of displays is constantly changing, and the latest news is that Apple wants to achieve a new milestone in this area with a new “zero” bezel (no bezel) iPhone.

Tipster IceUniverse says Apple is working on a full-screen phone with no bezels. The iPhone is currently in talks with South Korea’s Samsung and LG Display to develop an OLED panel without corners.

The demand also includes an under-screen camera (UPC: Under panel camera ), which makes the screen look like a piece of glass. Under-display camera (UPC) is installed under the display panel for smartphones or tablets. This is the best solution for full screens, that is, to establish a front camera without affecting the full-screen display of the display panel.

To meet the needs of iPhone makers, Korean display makers are improving TFE and UPC camera technologies and securing space for antennas. Mobile phones can only achieve such perfection if a full screen is currently in progress, and the extremely narrow border also needs 1.48mm.

The Nubia Z50 Ultra is the latest model to feature under-display camera technology, with a custom camera set on the rear that rivals popular DSLRs. Nubia Z50 Ultra adopts an ultra-narrow micro-edge design; the left and right margins are only 1.48mm, and the ultra-narrow forehead is only 1.68mm.

However, the under-screen camera technology still has certain limitations. Depending on the ambient light, artifacts may be visible, affecting the screen’s visual quality. The front-facing camera’s performance hidden under the screen is often below expectations. Image quality is lower compared to conventional cameras.

When the “Smart Island” of the iPhone 14 Pro was released, it was “spiked” about the “laziness” of the full-screen technology, but Apple played the “Smart Island” fig leaf well. Earlier, Ross broke the news that the facial recognition technology under the screen will not usher in the under-screen camera until the “Pro” model in the iPhone in 2027.

Apple may be working on next-generation borderless iPhone screens, which require some test panels. Production of this display type is currently still unknown. Samsung reportedly offers the same curved display that the Galaxy flagships also use. But Apple vetoed curved panels and insisted on straight shows because the curved edges would have a distorted and enlarged effect.

In the future, there will be no borders around the iPhone’s screen, and even the camera and sensor will not be hollowed out like they are now.


Speaking of extremely narrow bezels, as early as March, whistleblowers reported the thinnest bezels on the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro Max. This phone will break the 1.81mm slim bezel record held by Xiaomi Mi 13. The sides are only 1.55mm (1.95mm for the S22 and S23 and 2.17mm for the iPhone 14 Pro).

In contrast, Huawei also uses a narrow-edge screen, but it uses a unique design, such as a four-curve display. The Huawei Nova 11i model has extremely narrow bezels, a size of 1mm. Let us look forward to Apple’s borderless full-screen technology.

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