Apple is working on a foldable-screen for MacBook Pro

foldable macbook pro

Apple is working on a foldable-screen for MacBook Pro

Asus has been leading the foldable laptop market with its Zenbook Fold series. However, Apple is preparing to launch complementary products to challenge this dominance.

Reports from South Korea indicate that the tech giant is currently in talks with suppliers to launch a foldable-screen MacBook, which could be released in 2026, Business Korea reported.

This move by Apple could provide a big boost to the currently depressed display market. Korean display makers Samsung and LG Display have invested heavily in OLED panels for laptops. The two companies are said to coordinate development and production plans for foldable OLED laptop panels as the market grows.

If Apple does order a foldable screen, it will have a huge impact on a still-developing market. Larger display sizes are considered more profitable for panel makers. However, achieving high pixel density on a large screen takes more work. However, a foldable display for a laptop has an advantage over a foldable display for a smartphone, boosting productivity.

A MacBook with a foldable screen is expected to be released in 2025. With Asus currently in the lead, but since Apple has always been a “big bang,” Apple’s entry into the foldable-screen laptop market could shake up the call. And exciting new developments for consumers.

Laptops with foldable screens are still a relatively new concept, and the technology is just starting to hit the market. However, they’ve already generated quite a stir among tech enthusiasts and consumers. Folding a laptop in half opens up a whole new set of possibilities for using and interacting with these devices.

For example, laptops with foldable screens can provide greater flexibility for those who need to work on the go. With a computer with a foldable screen, you can take your work anywhere without sacrificing screen real estate or performance.

Meanwhile, laptops with foldable screens could be a game-changer for media consumption. Imagine opening your foldable laptop to watch a movie or video on a larger screen. The possibilities are endless without having to carry a separate device with you.

If Apple does release a MacBook with a foldable screen, it could be a major turning point for the laptop market. With the potential to offer greater flexibility and new use cases, foldable-screen laptops could be the next big thing in tech. Only time will tell how this rivalry plays out.

But future laptops will be increasingly flexible.

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