Apple Asks Samsung, LG to Develop ‘Bordercless’ OLED Displays for iPhones

iPhone 16 Display

Apple Asks Samsung, LG to Develop ‘Bordercless’ OLED Displays for iPhones

According to Korean media Thelec, at the request of Apple, Samsung and LG are developing iPhone OLED displays without front borders, with the ultimate goal of setting the border width to zero .

According to the report, in order to comply with Apple’s requirements, Samsung Display and LG Display are working hard to achieve borderless OLED, they need to improve thin film encapsulation (TFE) and under-screen camera (UPC) technology and secure antenna space. It is still a technology that will take a long time to develop before it can be applied to mass production.

iPhone 15 Pro model, picture source blogger @回复537
It is worth mentioning that Apple wanted to achieve an edge-to-edge display while maintaining the flat display of the iPhone and the angular design of the sides of the product, for which they refused to use curved screen technology . Another reason is that the curved screen technology will cause some applications to have a “magnifying glass effect” optically, which Apple is very taboo about. In addition to the optical distortion effect, the curved screen may have weak drop resistance, which is what Apple does not want to see.

iphone 16 border less display

Picture source blogger @免边537
According to previous reports from IT House, multiple sources indicate that the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max (or Ultra) will further narrow the borders, and the exposed model also indirectly confirms this.

Weibo digital blogger @回复537 recently claimed that he “got a model of the iPhone 15 series” and showed a set of photos. Another well-known digital blogger @i冰宇宙comments asked for a “close-up” of the black border, and from the photo of the former reply, it can be seen that the frame of the machine is indeed significantly narrowed, but there is still a big gap from the front borderless display design required by Apple.

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