Beast Gaming with Alienware x17: A look back to top of 2022

alienware x17

Beast Gaming with Alienware x17: A look back to top of 2022

Last year, all kinds of well-made games were coming online together, and the configuration requirements for gaming laptops are increasing. Dell introduced a newer version of Alienware x17, attracting many people. The Alienware x17 is a high-performance gaming laptop from Dell, boasting a 17-inch display and a mechanical keyboard. It has a new four-fan cooling system and a thermal interface material unique to Dell. With an RTX 3080 GPU, it delivers exceptional gaming performance. The display is vivid and responsive. However, the laptop comes at a premium price. The design of the Alienware x17 is not only sleek with soft edges and rear ports but also includes features such as a Windows Hello webcam, micro-SD reader, and Thunderbolt 4 port. It’s available in a light gray color known as “lunar light” and has an extra clear coat of paint to protect against stains. The lid features a large white “17” and an Alienware logo with RGB lighting.

Dell’s Alienware x17 is a gaming beast!

alienware x17

Although I already knew that the “prophetic design” of the Alienware x17 was very good-looking when I did my homework before, I was still amazed at the moment when I got the new machine: the thickness of the body is only 20.9mm, full of extreme Jane’s sense of the future and the beauty of technology; the combination of magnesium-aluminum exterior materials and high-durability environmental protection paint brings a delicate touch, which is hard to put down; the INFINITE ring light belt is linked with the AlienFXTM light effect, which can deeply support more than 190 games and change 16.8 million colors, more sense when playing games.

Of course, as a senior player, I like Alienware x17 because of its good looks and powerful configuration, which is brilliant in the top ten list of gaming laptops in 2022. Take the top-end Alienware x17 I bought as an example. It has the 12th generation Intel Core i9K processor with 14 cores and 20 threads. It can run 3A masterpieces easily and smoothly without lagging; it is equipped with RTX 3080 Ti ray tracing graphics card, whether it is the flowers and trees in the canyon of “League of Legends” or the cool skill competition in “The End of Eternal Tribulation,” they can be rendered in detail, realistically restored, smooth and tear-free. At the same time, I chose the highest 64GB memory and 4TB hard disk, which is super-fast for reading pictures, and it is enough to store game screenshots and screen recording videos at ordinary times.

As for the screen, I chose a 4K UHD 120Hz screen with a resolution of 3840×2160 and a brightness of 500Nits, plus a 99% PCI-P3 color gamut, which can truly restore every detail; it also has hardware certified by TUV Rhineland Advanced anti-blue light function, seductive and not yellowish, better protect eyes when staying up late and playing games.

alienware x17

The Cryo-TechTM thermal architecture of Alienware x17 is also one of the reasons why it conquered me. The Cryo-TechTM heat dissipation structure cools down the machine through “black technologies” such as the 31st element heat conduction layer, four-fan convection ventilation design, independently operating smart fans, intelligent control system, and temperature wall, ensuring that the machine runs at full speed for a long time. You can also turn on the instantaneous performance mode through the intelligent control system, one-click overclocking, and the battle is more enjoyable.

The AWCC alien intelligent kinetic energy technology platform is also very practical when playing games. This platform can intelligently adjust CPU, fan speed, etc., to further accelerate the game; you can customize AlienFXTM custom light effects and celebrate victory with shining lights!

It is worth mentioning that when I bought the Alien x17 in the top ten list of gaming laptops in 2022, the exclusive engineer helped me complete the new machine pilot and alien data migration service, and I did not need to worry about system settings; In the process of use, there are also dedicated engineers to provide 7×24 hours of comprehensive protection and sudden failures can also be quickly repaired at home, thoughtful and caring.

alienware x17

Since I bought the Alien x17 in the top ten list of gaming laptops in 2022, my friends said that I reacted faster and had better skills in wartime. “It’s the same. This is also because I bought the AW3423DW monitor, AW920H headset, AW720M mouse, and AW510K keyboard at the same time. If you also want to copy your homework, you can pay attention to the Alienware official applet; these models can be found on it.


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