Top 5 amazing mobile business to earn good anywhere in 2023

 Top 5 amazing mobile business to earn good anywhere in 2023

Are you searching to start a mobile business in 2023? Do you want to start your journey as an entrepreneur? Worry no more. You can review our compiled list of successful companies you can begin in 2023!

Mobile Businesses

Do you need help with starting a business? Or do you need to know what kind of business you want to start? Or you need more space to do mobile business. Well, that’s a common dilemma for most of us. Some of us have a clear path to start a specific industry, and some need a clue. We are still determining what kind of business is best for us at the start of 2023.

To embark on this journey, we wanted to assist with this. In this article, we have written down a list of successful businesses keeping in mind their costs for startup and running, hurdles to start, competition in the market, growth of the industry and their potential for a successful business. The plus point is that you can make any of these business mobiles. You can take it anywhere. These mobile businesses are different from earning money through online work.

Most mobile businesses that are profitable in 2023

1.    Food Trucks

According to Grand View Research, in 2021, the food truck business could grow by over 6.6 billion USD by 2028. And this movement is growing year by year and has a high potential for the future. The cost for starting is less than one-third of starting a restaurant in 2023, plus the ability of the food truck to go mobile has the advantage of versatility and flexibility to render your menu daily, weekly or monthly. It has a high-profit potential.

One thing to remember is that big cities like Washington, DC, New York, Boston, and San Francisco already have great saturation for the food truck businesses, so it will take a lot of work to compete over there. You can start that in low, competitive areas like metropolis for a more success rate.

The requirements to start a food truck business include a driver’s license, a business license, and a safety compliance ordinance application. For this, you can contact your city’s health department to find out the exact requirements for the business to start.

2.    Car Wash Services

According to a consumer report in 2020, it was reported that the hike in prices of cars due to their enhanced features is keeping car owners to not to change their vehicles longer. So, if car owners keep their cars longer than before, the business of maintenance of vehicles like car wash services keeps rising to maintain the car’s health.

The International Carwash Associates said that about 66% of US citizens wash their cars 1 to 2 times per month. If you take an average of 13 times a year, the carwash market’s potential projection is expected to increase to 20.7 billion USD by 2028 as compared to 14.7 billion USD in 2021. So, there is a potential to be grabbed.

There is an idea which can increase your money to make this service mobile. This means you can provide a more personalized service to the owners of luxury cars or others. In this case, the customers will pay you more for your service. You can also avoid the overhead costs of renting a garage with low startup costs. You will only need the tools necessary.

3.    Auto Repair

In a study by IHS Markit, there is an increase in the average age of cars from 9.6 years (2002) to 12.1 years (2021). It means people keep using their cars for a longer time, all directing to a potential increase in business in repair and maintenance areas.

In another study by Auto Care Associates, car owners tend to visit small auto repair centres for maintenance than auto dealers or authorized repair centres by manufacturers by a margin of 70%.

This business depends on your skill as a mechanic. If you are skilful in this, this is the line for you to follow because it will be a huge money-making business. You can provide a range of services like maintenance of cars, including oil changes, refilling of fluids, repair of headlights, tire change, battery repair or change, body repairs etc.

This is the business which can do mobile to lose the overhead costs. You can provide services from house to house or offices, driveways, parking lots etc. You can do a respectable business using this.

4.    Personal Trainers

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the work of fitness trainers or instructors is predicted to increase by a whopping amount of 39% in a ten-year duration of 2020 to 2030, which is higher than the average of any work in the US. You don’t need to be in a famous gym chain to earn goods, or you will need a place to perform this. You can take it to the mobile phase.

To make this business mobile, you will need yoga mats, headbands, a few weights, and that’s it. You can start this anywhere close to your residence, even on the lawns or parks. You will only need the audience. Or you can also perform personalized services to houses by becoming their trainers. For this, you can charge more. In any case, you can have multiple clients to work with. But you will need skills as a fitness trainer to apply.

You can advertise your group classes in communities or parks. This can help you and your client achieves your goals in the case of fitness.

5.    Electronic Repair

More than 85% of US citizens have a smartphone or smart device at home, more than 85% of them have a personal computer with them, in a report by Pew Research Center in 2021. Due to more people working from home, device usage has increased.

This indicates the gap which can be addressed whenever the device stops working. People will need repairs of these as soon as possible, making this business lucrative. According to a business research company, in 2022, the electronic repair business is expected to increase by about 9.6 billion USD by 2026 from 8 billion USD (2021).

Your skill as an electronic repairman will be needed in this. If you are a very skilled person, you can repair microelectronics to microelectronics like mobile phones, laptops, computers, TVs, printers etc.

This business can also go mobile. You can go to the customers and repair their devices at their residences as most stores of famous brands like Apple retailers are under loss in recent times due to customer waiting times. You can go for providing quick and quality services.

You will need repair kits, digital multimeters, and supplies for mobile repair accessories, so the overhead cost is high.

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