3 Most powerful RTX 4060 Laptop announced: ASUS Tianxuan 4 Ryzen Edition takes the lead!

RTX 4060 Laptops

3 Most powerful RTX 4060 Laptop announced: ASUS Tianxuan 4 Ryzen Edition takes the lead!

Recently, 3 powerful RTX 4060 laptop have been announced in China with all mighty specs.

In the hot summer, hiding in an air-conditioned room and playing games is undoubtedly the most wonderful thing for the student party who is enjoying the holiday. A gaming notebook equipped with an RTX4060 graphics card is indispensable for playing games smoothly. Here, we recommend a few products worth buying so that they will become an excellent weapon for friends to gallop on the battlefield.

At the annual grand event BiliBili World 2023, the ROG booth set up the ROG e-sports room, EVA e-sports room, simulated racing area, Tianxuan area, TUF GAMING e-sports area, and other exhibition areas for players, fully awakening the power of competition!

At the grand event, in the highly creative Asus Tianxuan area, Asus tech also brought players Tianxuan’s powerful equipment to help players move forward in the e-sports world! and the happiness will be doubled!

In the Asus Tianxuan area, players can see TX GAMING RTX 4060 Ti 08G & TX GAMING RTX 4060 Ti O8G BTF Tianxuan series graphics cards. The exterior color of the Tianxuan series graphics card is white, with ice blue and ice green stripes printed on the front and back of the graphics card. It is smart and white enough to fight against dark forces and become a trusted “partner” for players in the e-sports world!

ASUS Tianxuan BTF 2.0 “wireless” solution concept machine on the back, equipped with TX GAMING RTX 4060 Ti O8G BTF rear graphics card, the white image of “Tianxuan” represents a brave and awe-inspiring personality, and is the “Chosen One” of light and justice, “to help players fully realize the “wireless” experience!

Regarding performance, the Tianxuan graphics card is supported by the new NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture. The graphics card has all the advanced technologies of the NVIDIA ® Ada Lovelace architecture, including DLSS 3 neural network rendering and third-generation ray tracing technology that can run at high frame rates. 8th generation NVIDIA encoder with AV1 encoding!

ASUS GeForce RTX40 series graphics cards are designed with a high-quality SAP II super alloy power supply, easily providing hundreds of watts of power in nanoseconds, enhancing durability and efficiency. Super Alloy Power components are all soldered to the PCB using an automated manufacturing process that eliminates human error in production, ensuring that each graphics card meets exacting specifications and has a smoother PCB backplane.

The Chosen Equipment debuted at ASUS High-Energy Home Arena, and the Son of Chosen will surely bring players unlimited potential! Welcome players to pay attention to ASUS graphics cards.

See the Top 3 RTX 4060 Laptops:

1. ASUS Tianxuan 4 Ryzen Edition

First of all, I recommend ASUS Tianxuan 4 Ryzen Edition. This gaming notebook has an AMD R9-7940H mobile processor, based on the “Zen 4” architecture, 8 cores, 16 threads, and a single-core MAX frequency up to 5.2GHz. 4-nanometer high-efficiency technology, the energy consumption ratio is greatly improved.

 RTX 4060 Laptop

At the same time, ASUS Tianxuan 4 Ryzen Edition is equipped with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 laptop GPU, 8GB video memory based on NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture, and can achieve 140W full power consumption release. The fourth-generation Tensor core blessing, DLSS 3 technology, makes the game performance It can be increased by up to about 4 times. In addition, ASUS Tianxuan 4 Ryzen Edition also supports hot switching of dual-display and three-mode graphics cards, which can easily cope with more occasions.

In terms of screen, ASUS Tianxuan 4 Ryzen Edition is equipped with a 15.6-inch IPS wide-angle gaming screen with a high refresh rate of 165Hz, a fast response of 3ms, and supports DC dimming and 100% DCI-P3 color gamut.

The most notable feature of ASUS Tianxuan 4 Ruilong Edition is the appearance design full of two-dimensional painting style, magic blue, eclipse gray, sweet and cool visual sense, each with its style, equipped with four-way indicator lights, trendy and eye-catching, it can be said to be A beauty crit from the second dimension.

2. Lenovo Rescuer R9000P 2023

Next is the Lenovo Savior R9000P 2023, which is equipped with an AMD R9-7945HX mobile processor, 5nm process, 16 large cores, and 32 threads, single-core MAX frequency of 5.4GHz, 80MB cache, and supports 110W super mode performance freed.

 RTX 4060 Laptop

At the same time, this Lenovo Savior R9000P 2023 also uses NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 laptop GPU, 8GB

GDDR6 video memory, 3072 CUDA stream processor, 140W full power design, and DLSS 3 technology, which greatly improves game performance.

Regarding the screen, Lenovo Rescuer R9000P 2023 uses a 2560×1600 resolution screen, 240Hz high refresh rate, screen brightness of 500nit, 100% sRGB color gamut, and supports DC dimming without flicker.

3. HP Shadow Elf 9

Finally, I recommend this HP Shadow Elf 9 for everyone. This gaming notebook has an Intel 13th generation Core i9-13900HX processor, 24 cores, 32 threads, a turbo frequency of up to 5.4GHz, 20 PCIe channels, and a 36MB high-speed smart cache. At the same time, this HP Shadow Elf 9 is naturally equipped with GeForce RTX 4060 laptop GPU, which supports 140W performance release. The third-generation RT Core brings 2 times the light-tracing performance, fully supports DLSS 3 technology, and achieves 4 times the game performance improvement.

 RTX 4060 Laptop

In terms of screen, this HP Shadow Elf 9 uses a 16.1-inch 2.5K QHD ultra-high resolution screen, supports a high refresh rate of 240Hz, 100% sRGB color gamut, supports DC dimming and hardware low blue light, looks better, and protects the eyes.

HP Shadow Elf 9 uses 16GB 5600MHz dual-channel memory, 1TB large-capacity solid-state hard drive, and is equipped with HP Cool cooling technology, with 2 inlets, 4 outlets, and 6 air ducts, and the air intake volume has increased by 29%.

In terms of sound, HP Shadow Elf 9 adopts a professional sound cavity design, the sound performance is transparent and undistorted, and DTS:X Ultra technology supports an immersive audio-visual experience.


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